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Lean Idle, Need Help

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I am apart of Vortex and The-Corrado forum as well. I am trying to get as many opinions as I possibly can. Here is my issue: My 1990 Corrado G60 is running lean. I have a wideband installed and am getting 16-18 AFR while idling after warming up a couple minutes, 14.5-15.5 AFR while cruising, and the lowest it will go at wide open throttle is 14 AFR. Here are the things that I have done recently:

- Spark plugs

- Injectors

- 268/270 Cam

- BBM stage 3 chip

- 3.5 bar pressure regulator (currently set to 3 bar)

- All new vacuum lines (the ECU vacuum hose is exactly 1m long as per the bentley)

- Smoke tested

- Fuel pump replaced 5k miles ago (along with the fuel filter)

- Fuel lines replaced

- Timing checked

- Spark plug wires replaced

- CO Pot set to 250 ohm

- Fuel injector wiring replaced 

- Intake Manifold Gasket replaced

- New ground wires

- New relays and new CTS as well

The other thing that I have done is done a leak down test. To which I did find bad piston rings (or worn piston rings in two cylinders) but was not sure if this could be the cause of the lean running conditions or not. Valves are good, and head gasket is also good. The other things that I also have are new 30lb injectors that I can put into the car whenever needed. I do have plans for the piston rings already, but again I am not sure if this can be the issue to the lean issue or not. Any recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure how many people are on here anymore, but if there is anyone still on here, any recommendations on things to look at?

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