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The Digifizz cluster..

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Hello everyone,

I've managed to bag a cheap Digifiz instrument cluster off an old, impounded golf gti 8v from '87.

I've got a few issues though, i've already bought the good digifiz installation guide off ebay but the wiring isn't the easiest to understand and it's in German..

Anyway, whilst taking the back cover off, i discovered a small colour banded resistor sitting on the top of the binnacle, right above one of the cluster's black, 5 Watt lights.

Try as i may, i can't see where this tiny component was actually soldered on? Anyone know where it's missing from?

The other issue regards the actual display itself, the kilometer readout, fuel gauge, MFA rev counter and oil light don't turn on, no matter what wire is hard wired to the 12V output.

Could this be somehow related to the missing transistor??

Any help greatly appriciated!  

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Any pics? Might make it easier to diagnose. 

I have some clocks that might be able to compare against?

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Thanks for the reply!

Well, I checked the board over again last nite, i had a colour photo of the rear of another dash that works.

All the components are in place, no missing transitors, not even the famous one that heat soaks and falls off due to the light bulbs's heat generated.

One thing i noticed is that the stray transistor is bigger than the smaller versions found directly under the panel 5W bulbs, maybe back in '87 whilst the dash was being made, somebody dropped it and didn't notice..

Connecting up the red +ive feed and brown earths all i get is the batt. light, panel illumination and MFA 1 lit and that's it, no speedo readout, rev counter, fuel light, milage reading.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?


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I'm sure there used to be some wiring diagrams in here somewhere.

If you can't find them, i have a paper diagram, i will try and get it scanned and post it up.


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