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Rallye Air ride

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So i'm about to install air ride onto my rallye- sorry i know its not the done thing but just works for my situation.


Anyway, as rallye rears are different to the standard mk2 struts i'm using the airlift universal type struts which i have already. I will need to weld these to the correct length and i was wondering if anyone has any pointers as to how to do it? They come with a sleeve that you cut to length and then weld the standard 


I take it i'll need to work out the aired out and up positions and ensure that the aired out doesn't mean the wheel wants to push up too high and murder the inner arch...


There looks to be a lot of travel- possibly up to 200mm +


I'm running rallye coilovers so was thinking i could use the ride height i'm at and measure the strut position to get a decent idea before cutting away...


Any help gratefully received.



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