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Some very good friends of mine in Holland (dubdetail) are organising a group buy for a motor sport shifter.
I have got my name down for one for my Rallye they are excellent value and of high quality. If you are interested please let me know ASAP.

Due to a thread on the Dutch www.Volksforum.com we jumped in to organise a
groupBuy for a Motorsport-/Rennsport Shifter.
Skilled in custom parts design and with a fully equipped workshop they can
offer custom parts to everyones requirements.
In this case they offer a Replica motorsport shifter in which they redesigned
some small parts to make it even better.
The modifications contain the pivoting-points, used materials and the
choice to use special 2k glue on certain applications in stead of regular
They can offer:
-Shifter assembly
-Shifter tower to your requirement
-Shifter cables
-Additional parts
Pricing for the Shifter assembly with the shifter-tower will start at
400,-. (Euros) Prices will drop when certain numbers of orders are reached.
When they have enough orders, they can also offer the Shifter-cables.
Otherwise these are also available through CAE in Germany for example.

They can offer them in 2 different types, A and B.
In which A is for street use and can handle a maximum of 680Nm/68kg
pulling force.
B is optimal for fast-road and racing use, these can handle a maximum of

Another very big plus is that the cables are fully serviceable and
spare-parts can be ordered separately, where CAE forces you to buy new

Pricing is also very competative:
A: will start from 175,-
B: will start from 250,-

Pictures to follow

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