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Engine mounts

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What is the difference between the hydro, rubber and vibratechnics engine mounts?
Hydro must have some type of fluid in it, rubber is rubber and the vibratechnics are for race (I think)?

It seems I've answered my own question but for a mk2 16v daily what would be your recommendations?

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basically as you say.... Hydro has an oil-filled damper in it (Hydraulic), rubber is just a big block of shaped rubber (shaped to allow flex in certain ways more than others) and the Vibratechnics are polyurethane so work the same as a rubber one, just somewhat stiffer....


For a MKII 16V, I'd fit some from a MKII Diesel (as I would on a G60 too!)...  just to throw something else into the equation!! ;)


They're rubber, but uprated, so you don't get as much movement, but you still get the the comfort of rubber.... oh, and they're a damn site cheaper than Vibratechnics! ;)

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nope, I just went into GSF and asked for all 3 engine mounts for a MKII GTD... :)  Think it may just be the rear one that's different/uprated though, but it's 10 years since I last did it!

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