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G60 corrado coil over spring rate?

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 Evening all i know its not a golf but![attachment=15220:paris 2013 312.JPG]

Managed to get her out for a spin yesterday before the weather set in again and very pleasing pulls and pulls and pulls but tram lines
something rotten and the h&r springs are 250 70a's they feel a bit too hard for the roads around Devon what do you lot run?
The tyres are 215/40 16 yokis which wont help either as they should be 45's
now i like a stiff ride but christ i must be getting old thinking of 200 springs and some 50 series tyres?
I will keep the 250's for track use but wonder if they are VR6 rated ?

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tyre size on a 'rado should be 205 45 16...


Tram lining is often due to incorrect suspension geometry... that could also make the suspension feel hard too... 


I'm afraid I have no idea about the correct spring rates, probably worth having a word with H&R and seeing what they recommend normally.  If they say the 250s are fine for road use, then get the geometry set up properly and see how you go from there... :)

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Thanks henny i have stripped her down today and found that the n/s ball joint which should be sandwiched between the bottom arm was infact fitted on top of the arm and the bolts had squashed the bottom arm together!!!!

New joint fitted correctly and after having done some more research 250lbs is soft compared with the vr6's which run 400/450lbs therefore i might just do the tyres i have to wear mine out first though   B)

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