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Can I put wider dishes on the rear wheels?

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I'm running 8J x 17" ET50 on the front and 8.5J x 17" ET30 on the rear with a 20mm spacer on the rear. The tyres are 205/40/17 all round.

I'm hoping to get my wheels refurbished by Mike The Polisher and thought this would be a good time to investigate if I could put a wider dish on the rear without affecting the 4WD system.

As I'm using a 20mm spacer could I remove this and increase the dish size?
If so how wide could I go and what size tyre would I need to fit on the rears?
Would this give me the same rolling radius and work safely on the rallye?
If so where would I buy the dishes from I remember at Essen show Schmit use to sell dishes that were really strong and would not curb or get damaged on pot holes. Are these still available?

Cheers for all your help guys.

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Tuningshop.de sell dishes. You can have staggered widths providing the rolling radius is kept the same. Google rolling radius calculator and have a play. The fronts and rears must be within 5% of each other.

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Felgenfuchs.de is a good place for lips and barrels. Cheapest ive found.

as said you need to keep the rolling radius the same.

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