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Rallye Arch protectors - Group buy

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There seems to be a few requests flying around for these.


A good few of you know me & have ordered these from me: I list on ebay & hate the silly fees, so lets do you a group buy to keep you Rallye owners happy.


Of late I have not had too many UK requests, but continue to supply most worldwide owners with these. 


You know mine got scanned from OE unused items purchased back in the day from VW for a fortune & are a dream to fit & I know a few of you use ebay to repeat order from me. By the time an ebay transaction is done there are over a fivers worth of fees just FYI.


Recently I changed suppliers & there was a material price increase: ebay reflects such.


So lets go thirty pounds plus two sixty actual postage in tubes to create some festive spirit for DF users? That price net of any transmission fees so paypal gift etc.


I have limited stock on site so as soon as commitment shown, able to be in the post next week before Xmas closedown. Will need to check what quantities I have but think it will be about five or six sets so don't hang about. Over to you guys….



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Hi I'll order my set next few days just need to go to see Jamie at j-tech, so u can post to him, can u pm payment details .

Cheers harry

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You say that you are the guy who sells them on eBay then?


Because if you are, then yours are not correct.


The dots are the wrong size, wrong spacing, wrong layout and the material is the wrong thickness.


I cannot see how they were scanned from originals when they don't match a set of originals!


Trust me because i bought a set of yours to see how close they were to a set of originals and they were a mile out!


See the attached pic, the ones on the bottom are yours, the ones on the top right are originals and the ones on the top left were the first batch i had produced which is still unused because it's the wrong dot layout!.


I refused to use the first batch due to it being wrong, whats the point in replicating something if the finished article is not a replica???


Even the first batch of mine had the right material thickness, the right dot size and the right dot spacing it was just the layout that was amiss, yours don't really tick any of the boxes!


I would say that yours would be a product more suited to the daily driver that would get replaced more frequently but if a Rallye purist is wanting a set then i would suggest they go for a set of correct replicas, i will be producing another fresh batch in the new year.



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inbox cleared.


I will of course be placing another thread up with regards to the sale of these replica's in the new year once i have sorted another print run out.


I will also be trying a couple of local places again as it's been a while since the last print run and services locally available have improved.



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