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I think this is a pointless project mate,why not just turbo it?2 x g60 superchargers to go bang great!
Nice "MDF" charger bracket by the way :wacko: that will work...lol.

so i will meet you up santapod put your money where ya mouth is

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Very interesting project and credit to you for having a go with it, sounds like you have the determination to see it through, lots of "out of the box" thought required thats for sure!.  Im still in the planning stages of building a 16VG60 engine for my mk1 golf.  I had thought about a twin charged engine using a turbo and charger but i think i need to get this thing built first and see if ive still got the urge/patience  to carry on try something else like this.  Space is at a premium in the mk1 bay thats for sure.  John Betz of Bahn brenner motor sports replied to a post i made on VW Vortex some time back saying it was a pointless waste of time twin charging a mk1 but then didnt explain why.

 What car is this engine being built for.  Going by your username im guessing its a mk1 golf?.  What ECU will you be using to run this?.  Id be fascinated to see this thing come to life and if it is in a mk1 even more so.  All the best with it! Ill be checking back for regular updates :)

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