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16vG60 alternator mounting pic's

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was thinking about this today as it would make the belt route easy but guessing reversing the flow wouldn't work out that well but going to open up one of my spare waterpumps and have a look... christ I've only got six in the garage! Quite how I've managed to collect so many is beyond me!

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if you start spinning the water pump the wrong way your going to run into all sorts of issuses!

the impeller will be spinning the wrong way so it wouldn't be as efficent, this means also that the water would be getting pumped the wrong way round the engine and it would overheat due to the thermostat etc. it would also flow the wrong way round the radiator so it would go in top hose first (heat rises!!!).

we had problems at work (volvo trucks) with people putting the belts on the wrong way round and it spinning the waterpump backwards and the vehiles overheating straight away!

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not on this style of engine... the impeller is a cast item with curved blades... spin it the wrong way and the curved blades don't pull/push the water effectively. It's also part of the shaft, so flipping it simply can't be done... you'd have to get one that's cast as a reversed part and designed to spin backwards to work efficiently and then you hit the problems with water going in the top of the rad, the thermostat being in the wrong place, the heater control valves being in the wrong place etc etc etc...

It'd probably be easier to custom make a new water pump which is designed to spin the opposite way, but has the input/output pipework routed the same as the normal one so that it'd work the same, only spinning the opposite way... At least, that's the only way I can see it working properly anyway!

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Right just to bring this water pump theory back up, been doing a cambelt on a mk3 8v driver engine, will get code to be certain.

But the water pump was driven by a smooth pulley on the reverse side of a ribbed belt, ie opposite direction to engine rotation.

G60 water pump is driven in the same direction as the engine, so could this water pump be used and the belt direction then run as I thought earlier?

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The theory is sound... if it's been designed to spin the opposite way, and fits the same as the G60 one, then I can't see a reason it wouldn't work... :unsure:

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