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16vG60 alternator mounting pic's

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[quote name='chunkymunkey003' timestamp='1327428717' post='150565'] No they're fine, they get wet at the top and new polos are mounted quite low, just don't go dipping it in big puddles but would you anyway? :lol: Would like to find out what that bracket is for sure [/quote]

its defo a mk3 golf 2l 16v abf with air con model just been in the garage and i have one here is a pic off it


i dont need it as my 16v g60 will be going into a rallye so my alternator will be at the top back off the engine so if any one wants it pm me

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Bump, any more pics??

Im ready to try sort mine now, are people just using washers to fill the gaps between the alt and charger brackets?
Have a vr alt that i hope will do the trick,pics of progress coming soon{famous last words}

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It's off a demo car a customer smashed up, sure it was an early 6R so 2010 ish.

One I've got is off a 3 cylinder petrol and is 90A same as G60 but the TDI's have basically the same alternator but 110A.

I think it mounts up bloody well to say it shouldn't lol

Just need to think of belt routing as some seem to lose a lot of drive on the water pump

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This is as far as ive gotten,



Anyone know where i can get these{no idea what there called} May need one that'll take a larger bolt at the alt end


And the "threaded inserts" in the pic for taking mounting bolts, anyone know where i can get these?


Not sure on size yet but may need the option of having a few size's to take diff diameter bolts to make this work



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Yea i looked at your pics after posting the above and were on the same road alright :lol:

Found what i needed on spare charger brackets and alternator's so made some nice progress after dinner,


Put on the power steering setup,just aswell i did because i had to do some cutting

Belt should go something like this,

Power steering pump pulley needs to be spaced about 4mm on my setup aswell but thats a small thing :)

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this is intresting thread when i done my engine 4 years ago i went through a whole load of alternators to get it decent fit from japs,fords,vauxhalls i found the jap types alternator was a great size but the pullye spindle was small it would of ment making up a bush of some kind and there amps were quite low in the end i used a 90amp alternator of a 3 cylinder seat 04 plate a bit of grinding and cutting hear and there and used washers to pack them up ok in a mk2 golf quite near the front cross member but never touched im going to struggle with this set up in the mk1 du to the front panal so its going to be back the drawing bored and plenty of head scratching

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That was my concern as well about drive on the water pump. I revisited the *cough* nissan altenator, because it pivots from the bottom the contact on the waterpump pulley is minimal. Ive gone back to the abf altenator and cutting a slot out of the rad support panel.
However im not using a g60/rallye rad & intercooler, Im having bespoke items.
Getting it to work when its on the engine stand and then having it fit in the car are 2 different things, I thought I had the altenator problem sorted when the engine was in the kitchen (on the engine stand) only to find it was ATF when I put the crossmember/rad support panel on.

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[quote name='scruffydubber' timestamp='1320451196' post='148973']




Anyone know where I can get some of those nice little Idler wheels from? Are they Vag parts and if so anyone got a part number?

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That first pic is actually my engine from when the lad i bought the car off was building it!!

Its a mk4 tdi roller bearing as far as i remember,i'll get ou a p/n from it later

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Part numbers,

- roller bearing - 045 109 244 A
- waterpump pulley - 028 121 031 K
- crank pulley - 037 105 243 B
- crank G60 power steering pulley - 037 105 253
- power steering pump pulley G60 - ???

Did some more messing, tried your way last night Matt so i went from this,

To This,

All good apart from the lack of belt on the charger pulley.

Can you put 2much belt round the charger pulley???

If not i might go with this { poor attempt with paint :lol: }



Top yellow blob will be another mk4 idler pulley, not sure about the bottom yet as it'll have to take a M10 bolt {mk4 idler takes M8}


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Righto, said I'd post up some pics of my mounting. I've put more details in my build thread for which there's a link on my sig






Parts list and modifications are as follows

ABF AC power steering bracket but the one from the KR fits as well but isn't as solid
ABF/KR alternator tensioner bracket
KR lower power steering bracket cut down to clear alt
M8 collar from ABF power steering mount fitted to ABF Alternator and drilled out to take m8 stud
M10 spacer and M10 bolt

Haven't sorted the botls for the tensioner bracket yet but I think I can come up with something!

and thats basically it.

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