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16vG60 alternator mounting pic's

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Said ide follow this up from the other topic: http://www.dubforce....pic=22062&st=25

Maybe we could keep this mainly for pic's as a reference for people who are looking for ideas on how to mount or improve how they have theres mounted.

Mine is mounted like this,






Its an abf alternator from what i can remember!?

I had issues with eating belts and the small mk4 tdi roller bearing failing.

This was caused by the bolt that ran tru the roller to the mounting point on the charger bracket.

It was spaced with washers and was near impossable to line up correcrly again when i had the change the roller.

When the engine goes into the next car i will be fixing the issue and hopefully i can get some ideas from the way others have theres mounted.

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Excellent thread idea, because there are so many options concerning not only how to mount the alternator, but also how to route the belt, and what idler pulleys and so on to use. If anyone uses an idler wheel or any other doo-dah from another model, please state the part number if possible.

Will try to get some pictures of mine.

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got any pics with boost pipes on too paudie?


Polo 9N 1.2 3 cylinder alternator




Going to use some more slider bolt catchers drilled out to fill the spaces, as far as I've got though so reports on mounting around it for boost pipes and belt running I can't comment on, neither can I on problems

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Yeah I was thinking there must be room, if vw got an a/c pump and pipes under there, or did anything with a/c have the engine bay i/c?

I take it the original rallye pipe wouldnt work?

Never had the rallye pipe work,just the 180* outlet.

I did have to mod the gasket plate and pull the outlet towards the rad but all worked out good!

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Im crap at describing stuff, when you see the pics you'll understand :)

I fitted a slim line fan to the rad and moved the rad + intercooled forward aswell to get some more space

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Pics at last,

This is how my rallye outlet sits,



This is how it is from factory,


To get it into this position i had to round off the corner of the gasket plate in this corner {where the short bolt goes tru}


Only down side to this is i only have one bolt holding the outlet to the charger but i had no issues with this.

And as i said above i did have to move the rad{with slim line fan} and intercooler forward about an inch but it all works out fine


The way its mounted also gives me more room at the oil cooler sandwich plate.

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Found this while looking for something else,might be something usefull in there,


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This is good to see, I have for my sins gone for something non vag parts bin for the altenator. I found that the ones I had to hand, the warning light wiring was fouling the rad support panel (mk3 type), so I have a nissan micra one (bubble shaped car(think the ad on tv was a bubble)). It is a smaller form size than vag stuff of the same age, and still made by bosch =). Next time im up the bat cave ill try and take some pictures. All I need to do now is 'just' get the charger outlet round and into the intercooler.

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I had that issue with the setup above.
I'll be changing it before the engine is fitted to the next car.

Please do put up pic's of your setup,might give me a few more options!!

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Some great pics in here. I reckon the easiest way to do it is to run the alternator below the charger on a v-belt off the pas pulley on the crank. My only concern is water ingress into the alternator with it being mounted so low..

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