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16" stainless rims for BBS etc

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I can supply 16" stainless rims in various different widths and also different bolt patterns. Stainless steel lips are stronger and much easier to keep clean & looking great with the just been polished look, unlike alluminium lips which need to polished every week or two, especially in the winter. If alluminium lips are not often washed and polished they will start to go dull and corrode, so the small extra expense is definitely worth it in buying stainless steel lips.

I can supply 16" stainless steel lips in 1.5", 2", 2.5" (currently unavailable though) and 3" in 30 bolt hole (for 16" wheels such as BBS RS 003) or the more common 34 bolt hole.

Postage is free by courier to mainland UK, but please allow up to 10 days (depending on if I need to order more stock for your order)- it will most often be a lot quicker. I will let you know when it has been sent out.

I am selling these on ebay for:

£175 for the 1.5" lip,

£185 for the 2" lip,

£195 for the 2.5" lip (when available)

and £205 for the 3" lip.

but on here they will be:

£167.50 for the 1.5" lip,

£177.50 for the 2" lip,

£187.50 for the 2.5" lip (when available)

and £197.50 for the 3" lip

There are plenty of places that are charging similar or higher prices for just alluminium rims and remember these prices include VAT and postage with no hidden extras! Some places give the prices without VAT, and when you order and the postage etc has been put on top, they are not as cheap as you first thought!

I can take payments by Paypal and cheque, but if paying by cheque, 6 working days will be needed for it to fully clear.

Please reply on here or PM me with any orders and questions and I will reply as soon as I can.

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1 post and joined quite recently. i'd like to see some links, maybe to a website, your ebay shop, some proof of who you are.

sorry, but there are just too many people promising hard to get parts, taking cash and disappearing, so pls make yourself known so we know you're not a scammer. dont want that happening on DF thanks.


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Hi! There is nothing dodgey! Everyone who is on ebay has started at zero. If no-one buys anything from or sells anything to new ebay memebers because they have zero feedback, then ebay wouldn't work as they'd never be any new buyers or sellers. I have already sold a set, but they were a different sizes to what I had advertized for sale at the time, so didn't count to the feedback. Maybe I should have done a 'buy-it-now' especially for them, but they were happy and I didn't know there would be this hassle. If you want me to show pics with the current days newspaper, current VW mags or whatever, then I can do that to prove that I do have them.

I don't have a website as am just starting so can't outlay very much without receiving income. Also I don't really think I have enough different items to make it worth a website. If I did all the 15" ones as well as ally ones, then maybe, but I don't think I'd sell enough of those and really ally ones are not worth it as they are not so much cheaper than stainless. I can do 15" ones slightly cheaper than are advertized on ebay at the moment.

You also won't lose your money as you'll pay through Paypal. There is no grey area like with some items you buy on ebay with them being 2nd hand and not working or different views on the condition. These are brand new, perfect condition stainless rims and if you didn't receive them Paypal will re-fund you.

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