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Found 1 result

  1. jonk710

    Thoughts please

    I bought another 16v a few weeks ago. Got it at a good price with a full rainbow interior and also leather seats. I sold the leather so the car was even cheaper. I have changed all the belts, oil, coolant and filters, car runs great but the paint is poor which lets it down a bit. It's only on 85000mls It was cheap for a reason, it's a catd. Was stolen 3 years ago by smashing a window and the ignition. The heater matrix went on the thieves so it was recovered fairly quickly by the police. The matrix was replaced, window fixed and new ignition, car was then MOT'd and run for a year then parked up for 2yrs before I bought it. I never planned to keep it after winter but now it's running good I like it. Question to you guys is..... If I keep it then I'll paint it, doing that guarantees that I'll never get my money back as its a catd, so paint it or not? Run it for winter and sell it at a cheap price to get my money back? Park it up and get to work on it doing the whole car as I did to the green one last year? Rubbish pics but all I have [attachment=17287:image.jpeg][attachment=17288:image.jpeg]