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  1. Trev16v

    Mk1 16VG60 build soon to start

    To be honest you've totally overtaken me there mate - I've never been brave enough to strip a gearbox to bits! There are lots of gearbox experts about on the forums though so no doubt you'll get some good advice - just be sure to throw up lots of pictures. :)
  2. Trev16v

    Mk1 16VG60 build soon to start

    Looks like you're doing an absolutely superb job and all the research is really paying off now.   Trev
  3. Trev16v


    I thought it was just the enclosure and LCD that was available new, without PCB.
  4. Trev16v

    It's a hello from me....

    Hello mate!
  5. Trev16v

    stone chip or underseal

    That's a bummer. The trouble is though that the old factory underseal does do an extremely good job of hiding problems when they start to develop. On my Syncro I found a few little areas on the sills that needed welding and yet they were only discovered after scraping underseal back.
  6. Trev16v

    stone chip or underseal

    On the underside of my Syncro I am going to use the genuine VW underseal. It is expensive, but it really is just like the stuff that's on the car originally and I think far better than genera stone chip products. I did buy a lot of Gravitex to use, but it's simply not the same as the VW stuff which I later decided to get instead. Then again I know people have happily used Gravitex to coat an entire underbody. The VW product is very tough and rubbery like the original underseal, but I found Gravitex to be kind of hard but brittle.   I would recommend applying POR15 or Epoxy Mastic 121, and then applying an underseal after such as Gravitex or the VW product.   As you've decided to strip the entire underside, do you have the car on a jig to roll it over? That's what I've done, and yet it's still very hard work!
  7. Trev16v

    G60 isv same as mk2 gti?

    Something that's important about the G60 ISV is that when it is "off" (zero duty PWM signal applied, or it's disconnected) it's actually partly open. I'm not sure if the one on the 8V GTI is the same.   If it runs okay though then it is absolutely fine to run on the car.
  8. That bush for the differential hanger that you obtained - can those be obtained for the standard Syncro differential hanger?   Excellent project by the way - I will be keeping a watch on this one.
  9. Trev16v

    The Branks Rallye resto

    Yeah, mine was built using a pair of engine stands! A bit more ghetto than yours but does the job. :)
  10. Trev16v

    The Branks Rallye resto

    Really great work.
  11. Trev16v

    The Branks Rallye resto

    This is great work.   I have my Syncro on a jig at the moment on its side. It's great to be able to do any welding work like this.
  12. Trev16v

    Lysholm bargain to be had

    Something I have learned the hard way in the past is not to buy a cheap bargain supercharger without seeing physically inside it or some decent history.
  13. Trev16v

    Merry christmas

    Yep, Merry Christmas to all on DF!
  14. Trev16v

    Mk1 G60 oil, temp, charge light problems

    Evening mate,   Could you let us know more about how the electrical side of the conversion was done? Is it essentially a CE2 G60 loom spliced into MK1 wiring and fusebox?   Trev
  15. Trev16v

    My missing project

    It's a lovely car Mike, and you have a unique and interesting way of presenting your thread. Thanks for this!