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  1. Hi, does anyone have a photo of the arch stickers / stone guards fitted to a G60 Rallye? Cheers M
  2. Mr_Rossy

    wanted Rallye Rear Spoiler

    Thanks, are you over seas? any idea what the postage costs would be on a pair of spoilers?
  3. wanted Rallye Rear Spoiler part no. 191827933c (To paint) Thanks Matt 0790752497five
  4. Mr_Rossy

    Wanted Arch stone guard stickers

    Thanks that's what I bought.
  5. Does anyone have or know where I can get some rear arch stone chip protection stickers from? Matt
  6. Mr_Rossy

    Rallye Arch protectors - Group buy

    I need a pair, does anyone know where to get some from? Matt
  7. Mr_Rossy

    Wanted original charger hose

    Sorted thanks to Graphite
  8. After a pair of G60 wheels arch plastics. The arch covers. (A left hand side one at the least)
  9. Does anyone have a hose from the airbox to the charger? original spec please. Thanks Matt
  10. Hi there, I'm after a Rallye Slam panel and pair of headlights if there are any out there?   Cheers Matt 07907 524nine7five  
  11. Mr_Rossy

    g60 number plate WANTED

    Not mine but have you seen the "G 5XTY" one on www.the-corrado.net?   £600 seems a fair price. Matt
  12. Mr_Rossy

    Show me your Hand brake

    I've got the top picture, and really want a nice leather boot, anyone know where to get one?   Matt
  13. Mr_Rossy

    Odd fusebox, diagram required for relays

    Excellent I'll test these later