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  1. Bugwhizz

    Golf IV 6 speed box clutch question....

    sounds like the clutch slave cylinder is leaking inside the box fella
  2. Bugwhizz

    mk2 golf g60

    love it! I used to own a BBM G60 as my first G60, loved it but a mate wrote it off and i ended up in a Rallye and have had one till this present day!   Fate!
  3. Bugwhizz

    Golf Rallye RS3 Project

    Good to hear it's gonna be a "proper Rallye" again lol
  4. Bugwhizz

    Sprinter intercooler

    lovin that inlet manifold fella!!
  5. Bugwhizz

    Project 6R32T

    I love something different!!   And this is different!!   Top work   Makes my chassis notches look girly by comparison!
  6. Sorry Kal   Price should be in the advert, not price requests by PM   Either price for individual parts or price for the lot.   Don't want to sound awkward but those are the forum rules fella.
  7. [attachment=16687:IMG-20150216-WA0000.jpg][attachment=16688:IMG-20150216-WA0001.jpg][attachment=16689:IMG-20150216-WA0002.jpg][attachment=16690:IMG-20150216-WA0003.jpg][attachment=16691:IMG-20150216-WA0005.jpg][attachment=16692:IMG-20150216-WA0006.jpg][attachment=16693:IMG-20150216-WA0007.jpg][attachment=16694:IMG-20150216-WA0008.jpg][attachment=16695:IMG-20150216-WA0009.jpg]     Well, the Mk1 has been seam sealed and painted on the underneath, inside and engine bay!! Now it's off back next door to the Dubforce workshop for the running gear dropping in to allow it to be rolled about and have the final coats of paint applied.   So excited!!
  8. Bugwhizz

    Mk2 golf Happich pop out windows

    The quick uploader on this sight will load pics directly from your device, no external picture hosting required.
  9. Bugwhizz

    Mk2 golf Happich pop out windows

    Price Location Contact details   Picture tell a thousand words.
  10. Bugwhizz

    Golf Rallye RS3 Project

    Dubwhizz is yer man for forum related issues like error codes.
  11. Bugwhizz

    Audi quattro S1 E2

    I wish i had the time available to be able to get that good at welding!   In the meantime i have to make do with chicken shit ;-)
  12. Bugwhizz

    Audi quattro S1 E2

    Have i said i love your welding before?   If not.   I LOVE YOUR WELDING!!   Epic as ever!
  13. Bugwhizz

    BMW BBS RZ alloy wheels

    If you know anyone travelling south on the M6 i'd be interested.   Jtn 36 A65 i could meet   Live in skipton north yorks.