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  1. Ok,i think i managed to make them work...cut the metal lip that keep the inside with a grinder and removed the inside. After a very good clean they are clicking again so spot welded the thing again and hope it will solve my issues. Will report later...
  2. I am from portugal so anything outside european union is a no option for me,many customs problems. I could try to source a pump locally,but would prefer to repair the one i have. Solenoid must be repaireble?
  3. Remove abs block from car and opened valve assembly. 2 valves wont click so thats the problem. Now,are they repairable? New ones? Where?
  4. Today try again. More oddness... Right whell behaves normal when bleeding but left wheel is a mistery box... When pressing the brakes no fluid will come out but as i take foot off a little fluid rise from the caliper... What now? Rear brakes wont bleed just by the pump work. They only bleed if i depress the brakes,with or without the pump working. Any ideas?
  5. Any of you guys as tryed to open the unit to free the valves? Is it possible?
  6. It is,when i get to that part... For now the problem is lack of fluid flow,no matter how hard i press the pedal or suck with a vacuum bleeder
  7. Thanks for the link but that is for abs problems i guess. I dont have abs problems ,my problem is lack of brakes due to little fluid is pushed on left side
  8. Ok,after some time i can get some fluid out,but very litle amount and the pedal only does half travel
  9. Hello. My mk2 g60 has become a death trap when braking,pulling heavy to one side and slightly stick brakes. Today replaced brake hoses and when i went to bled the system no fuel will come out. Traced it back to the pump and after removing the line from the pump(driver side brake) noticed that no fuel would come out. Any way to fix this or pump replacement is needed? No abs codes,lights on etc...
  10. What happens if ignition is set without going into service mode?
  11. Diesel has come a long way... Here in portugal we have very fast and capable cars... And portuguese tuners are among the best,just check the A.M. Motorsport drag car...
  12. I found the subaru gold to be close and they have a color code
  13. Hi, new to this forum. My name is valter, i am from portugal and ride a mk2 gti g60. Abraço
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