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  • Wheels 2011 Ford Ranger XLT
  1. Bloodstone22

    Truck Wheels

    Besides my 2013 Volkswagen Golf R, I also own a 2011 Ford Ranger XLT. I am currently online window shopping for a set of rims for my truck. What do you guys think of this Moto Metal Wheels' glossy black MO400 milled rims?
  2. Bloodstone22

    Latest Project

    Any update on this project?
  3. Bloodstone22

    Door seal glue, which one?

    Go for 3M Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Tube. It's the best. I ordered mine through Amazon.
  4. Bloodstone22

    What machine polisher?

    The Dewalt DWP849X Speed Polisher has good reviews. I am also considering to buy it.
  5. Bloodstone22

    Wrapped my dash for my mk1 caddy

    How did your project go?
  6. Bloodstone22

    Rallye resurection

    Nice build!
  7. Bloodstone22

    Newbie from Vegas

    Hi guys! My name's Tony. I own a 2013 Volkswagen Golf R.