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  1. I realizes a few weeks ago that GeorgeSmithB5S4 was not looking to buy, but was selling a spoiler on facebook as stated above. He just wanted to see what they were going for. Better to just ask then blag.
  2. There's one on sale on the burnallthemk2s Facebook page for £400
  3. I met the guy at worthersee last year and asked him to contact me if he was ever looking to sell. I got lucky as I have seen some in similar examples going for around 20k euros. Took me ages to find the right one which wasn't converted or messed about with. I personally didn't fancy a Rallye as I prefer the looks of the MK2. But everyone to there own taste.
  4. I was wondering why the one selling on ebay didn't put any pictures of the interior lol. In January I purchased an original G60 ED1 for 17k euros from Austria. That didn't Inc the import or registration costs etc. Awesome cars, and good luck with your search.
  5. That's perfect, Thank you
  6. Hey guys, I am looking to get my charger for the G60 rebuilt. I will be removing the charger myself, and would like to replace all the bolts etc that will need to be removed in order to get the charger out. I was hoping if someone has the part numbers for the bolts etc. Or any useful links would be helpful. Thanks