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  • Wheels B5 S4 Avant and a daily B5 1.9tdi on 305K

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  1. Not true, ironically the ones now for sale I missed out on so was trying to find myself one. I actually didn’t have one at the point of my wanted post and then ended up with two. Assumption is the mother of all f£&? ups.
  2. Thanks. Who’s selling it?
  3. After one like these pictures please. Thanks
  4. Finally replied to your PM, just saw it now george.. 

  5. Completely agree. G60 Edition One is the ultimate for me.
  6. Thanks how did you come across yours? George
  7. Thanks I viewed this last year. Dreaming for that price I’m afraid/I couldn’t justify paying that. Aubergine is the dream Non Recaro interior on this also and missing a siglachrome rear glass. Expensive parts to complete.
  8. I’ve probably got more chance finding a Rallye or an egg laid by a golden goose but you’ve got to be in it to win it. Budget 15K. As Original as possible. Thanks George dr.gpsmith@gmail.com
  9. Hi I have 2 Digifiz clusters with CE2 plug and play looms coming. I am planning on keeping the 8K one myself and have a spare 7K one with new LHD brackets, speed sensor and checked loom. Cluster is 9.5/10 condition It was ordered for a deal with someone for their Recaros who then disappeared off the face of the earth and owes me quite a bit George 07793 966010
  10. As mint as possible, just near side rear needed but will take a full set if that's needed to sell them. Thanks George
  11. Cheers.
  12. Cheers. I was waiting for you to send me some pictures?
  13. Thanks. Gonna hold out for the genuine article. Just really annoyed with myself that the arch I scraped is the one I can't get hold of lol!
  14. Scraped my rear left side G60 arch trim. Sods law it is the only one discontinued through VW. does anyone have a NOS one? willing to buy the whole set if a deal breaker. Thanks George
  15. Hi   I have just sold my 1991 8V 3dr and am keen on getting a G60   I have an S4 B5 Avant that could be included in the deal?   http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C720322     Best wishes   George in Warwick, England