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  1. Here's a few pictures of the old girl. Its amazing how different the colour looks in different light.. IMG_0721.MOV IMG_0721.MOV
  2. Thank you very much for the link pal..
  3. andymac50


    Thanks mate Aye she's a good 'un.. Just need to find a mechanic who can look after her now
  4. andymac50


    Hi All My names Andy McMahon I live in the republic of Liverpool I have a couple of Golfs a Mk 4 Gti & a MK2 G60 Edition 1 I've not had the Ed 1 long & i'm looking for somebody relatively close to me who can give her a proper service Any advice much appreciated.. Thanks Andy
  5. Hi Looking for the correct leather handbrake surround for G60 Anybody knows where i can find one please get in touch. Many thanks Andy..
  6. I have one now thanks supplied by Shaun from Lancs
  7. andymac50


    Shaun has sorted it for me thanks.. Andy..
  8. andymac50


    Yeah man i'll have it please. Just give me a call Andy..
  9. Is this the correct one for a g60 golf?? Thanks Andy..
  10. It's not the car i'm buying mate. The car i'm buying is standard. It has a couple of bis missing but slowly i'm collecting them. The car in Scotland wasn't for me i like oem. Cheers Andy..
  11. Hi mate 

    Yeah i'll have it please 

    Give me a call on 07908620087



  12. andymac50


    Hi mate Thanks i'll have it please. Could you give me a call on 07908620087. Many thanks Andy..