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  1. Thanks mate that sounds good, just didn't want to do all that work and end up not liking it.
  2. Thanks mate that's what I wanted to know. Good to hear that.I've never been in or driven one so it's used to know if it was worth while or not
  3. Hi everyone,I know there are alot of rallye and syncros on here so you guys will be knowledgeable in this area. I have collected some parts to do a 4wd conversion on my corrado. So far have a boot floor and syncro beam. I just wondering how capable the rallye style suspension is to get a car to handle I.e perform well on the twisties. I want the car to be able to do track days. I know there are a million combinations for suspension, bushes, tyres etc which are contributing factors. My corrado currently has kw v3's so I am just going to order the rallye rears to fit when the new rear beam is fitted. A few people I've spoke to and things I've read has put doubts in my mind about proceeding with the conversion. People saying things along the lines of them not being as planted and I would probably ruin the corrado handling by making it 4wd. Don't get me wrong I love golf rallyes which is why I was after some first hand experience of making them go round corners well. Alot of 4wd conversions seem to have been built primarily for drag racing when I've looked on the net. Knowing how hard parts are to source Im interested on your thoughts of what you may have done with your own cars to improve handling etc. Sorry for my ramblings any advice / criticism welcome. Cheers Dan
  4. Dan.h

    haldex corrado

    Hey guys I'm wanting to know if the passat vr6 syncro rear trailing arms are the same as the golf vr6 ones. Looking to wide track the rear beam and can only find the rear arms in ebay.de. Just wary of buying them if theyvarent the right ones. I know they can be had at classic parts to the tune of 450 each side. Many thanks Dan
  5. Dan.h

    hey everyone

    Hey all, been on here before but can't for the life of me rememeber my old details. Anyway haven't been on for quite some time and never really posted much. Used to own a screwcharged corrado g60, now I own a 20vt corrado which I am in the midst of big turboing but also my latest crazy idea of haldexing it also. so I have started collecting some 4wd parts. Anyway no doubt I'll have some silly questions along the way. I'm always on here looking as there are some really nice cars on here. Dan