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  1. brycad13

    Wtd - Rallye Front Panel

    I have a mate that has a freshly refurbed front panel done Matt black. He is looking for £400 for it.
  2. What's the info on your car?
  3. brycad13

    Golf mk2 gti g60 for sale

    Did this sell?
  4. brycad13

    Golf g60 unfinished project

    Sold sold sold
  5. brycad13

    Golf g60 unfinished project

    Sorry location is southside of glasgow 5 mins from m74. Price 2600. I cant seem to get pics uploaded but if you are interested pm me your number and i will whatsapp them to you thanks
  6. Hi i have a golf g60 unfinished project. The colour is royal blue. The car is needing round the front screen cleaned up and painted. There is two parts needing welded one on the drivers door and on on the passangers floor. I bought the car with no interior or centre console but i have managed to get a centre console for the car. The engine and gearbox are sitting in place but still needs to be wired up as car is all stripped down. The car was running a charge cooler so there is no intercooler with the car. Car also has a set of old school 15" oz polaris and a cherished vw number plate. Please feel free to contact me for more info or pics on 07712155552 thanks Bryan
  7. brycad13

    golf rallye wanted

    Hi Bigcolz how much are you looking for? Thanks
  8. brycad13

    rallye shell wanted,

    Thats gd u got it. U will need to get pics up. Do u happen to know of any other ones about?Lol
  9. brycad13

    golf rallye wanted

    Is there still nothing about? Anyone know of anything??
  10. Hi i am looking for a golf g60 centre console with electric window switch holes. Has anyone got one? Thanks
  11. brycad13

    golf rallye wanted

    Hi i am looking for a golf rallye rolling shell or one thats needing saviour for a project must be a realistic price. Please let me know whats knocking about?? thanks