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  1. dUff

    removing AC

    Hi  Are you interested in selling the AC pipes that were in the engine bay ? I have ben trying to collect a AC setup for mine and i have the LHD airbox   Cheers
  2. Seen the magnecor leads , they are over £100 for 8mm, now i have found these [url="http://www.candrenterprises.co.uk/shop/blue-igniter-high-performance-ignition-leads-vw-1985-1992-1.html"]http://www.candrente...985-1992-1.html[/url] £43 But if these are better quality than the ones i had perhaps they will be just fine [url="http://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=64"]http://www.vwspares....?products_id=64[/url] at £20
  3. Looking for a new set of leads , got a bit of a misfire at 3k and want to renew all the ignition parts Using G40 plugs so seems to struggle and foul them at present so popped the G60 ones back in So GSF leads for the 8v seem a bit crap , or the set i had was , there were not BERU or anything Should i get some from the main dealer ? Would they be a simular price to fancy ones that steem to start about £65 Cheers all
  4. Thats sounds good i am in a simular postion so will get a quote from them .
  5. So did this problem occur just after it was mapped or has it occured some duration after it was done ? I guess what i am trying to say is can the map be eliminated from the equation and is it just a problem with something else on the car like coolant temp sensor etc Those injectors will be fine with that filter no issues , run 440`s in a Valver pump and standard fuel filter
  6. Wow thats a usefull site , bookmarked !!
  7. Lamba would zero impact for cold starting , its never even used untill up to temperature Sounds like the value Jabba have done for cold start could need tweaking , if its going back to jabba they can sort that easly assuming no other sensor failure etc. Have you been starting it in these extreme cold temperatures None lambda map should not really make any difference , as all the lambda does is try and pull it closer to that AFR when in the closed loop mode once up to temp , it still had a map value anyway for that load speed site etc . Its common in other Motronic or Bosh ECU`s to do La
  8. Hi Yep it was routed round the back of the engine and went down near the brake pipes at the back to connect to the gearbox
  9. Err yeah big time looks like 53 is next to 80 Here is a pic i found on the net , is probably a G60 corrado , but sure its the same http://media.corrado-club.ca/albums/misc_pics/fuse_panel.sized.jpg
  10. Yep thats where i found them in the end VW Heritage , as i am also on using a discount code from the mk2 owners club All good thanks for info , will be ordering both up
  11. Its relay 80 and is sliver , far right hand side , i was taking mine off the other day to stop the fuel pump running while cranking , i can get the plate number at the weekend if you need it
  12. Searching google showed this post using the mk2 part number, looks like Mk3 cables are to long in the cable part http://www.vwsyncro.co.uk/data/forums/pop_printer_friendly.asp?TOPIC_ID=2725 Thanks for the PM ,cannot find the part , sending you a PM
  13. Yes will try this setup and see how it goes I had a simular issues placing a 20vt in a mk2 16v that was the other way around that the motec ECU would not generate enough to make the RPM guage work in the Mk2 clocks , i believe if i fitted mk3 clocks it would work , but did not want them , so i ended using a adaptor box from 034 motorsport , that has some circuitry and a mini coil inside it. I had tried various pull in resistors and zener diodes and none worked on that setup Hopefully this way it should work , will be trying this in the next few weeks Cheers all
  14. Yeah going to go over all the basic settings and vacum lines and get this tank of fuel used up and see if it gets better EGT are ok on normal driving 600ish but go below 350 at speeds just above tickover indicating very very rich mixture or the ECU When the car is running fine i wouild normally see 450-500 ish on low speed / tickover
  15. So i am in need of part number 191 609 721 K - Think this is drivers side of the rallye The other side is 191 609 721 H I see these are 1592mm long and now obsolete Has anyone else used the mk3 Syncro cables ? 1H0 609 721C - these are still avaible and the same cable fits both sides They are 1600mm long Cheers