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  • Wheels '92 golf gtd 5dr
  1. Hi peeps, Starting a short oroject thread for my recentley bought gtd. I havnt really been actively searching for one but always fancied another after selling one nearly 10 years ago. Aneays this on came up ine evening with 10 hours left on ebay. The next morning i had been to view it, bidded & won :jackson: much to wifes annoyance (we'll come to that later) Anyway shes completely stock, no alloys 14" steels), no electric windows or central locking (my old one had both) but she does have a sunroof. I had a good look for any rust or rot abd she is a very good example, recently been resprayed with the exterior plastics been addressed too. There are a couple of scabby buts underneith that could do with a wire brush and paint but shes never been welded from what i can see. New brakes all around & rear brake cables. Recentley serviced & recent timing belt (no reciept for this but you can tell its been done) Interior is in excellent condition too. Ill be keeping her fairly stock apart from a mild lower (maybe coilovers) A brake upgrade on the front for definate, solid 239 discs arnt for me! A clean set if wheels, nothing too extreme. An ekectric oack upgrade with a cat 1 remote start alarm. A bloody good tune. Any way gere some (poor) pics
  2. Jghs83

    Mk2 hub re-drill to 4x108

    Will affect offset too much. I can have some 10mm made from steel but will create an offset of et15, im trying to keep the wheels within the arches.
  3. Jghs83

    Mk2 hub re-drill to 4x108

    I doubt ill need the 4x100 holes welded up as itll be 4x108, holes will be at 45 degrees so itll be strong enough (like a multi-stud alloy) Im more concerned of the material thickness from the stud hole to the edge if the hub.
  4. Jghs83

    Mk2 hub re-drill to 4x108

    Top secret ;-) (but only to stop me getting stick over it :-D) All ill say is theyre oem wheel with the above specs. Theres only two oem ford wheels that are 16x8 et25 yhat i know of.
  5. Jghs83

    Mk2 golf gtd brake spec & upgrade.

    Cheers, can you recommend any particular discs & pads? & will i need a larger master cylinder?
  6. Hi guys, After buying a golf gtd (again) i know the brakes arent brilliant. What size are the current fronts? & what can i upgrade to? no silly fitments, just something i can bolt near enough straight on. Some drilled & groived discs too. Ill be looking to fit these under 15's so at a guess anything over 300mm is a no go. Im tempted to change the rear drums too but theyve just been renewed inc cables. So possibly at a later date. Thanks.
  7. Jghs83

    Mk2 5dr electric kit.

    Hi guys, Where can i source a full electric kit for my mk2 5 door. Electric windows, central locking etc? Once i have this fitted ill be getting a full cat 1 with remote start but want the electrics first. Thanks.
  8. Okay guys, Ive just bought a mk2 GTD but the inly wheels i want to fit come in 4x108 (ford fitment) I dont want to use adaptors as it will make the offset morse worse than the spec of the wheels already. Spec on the wheels i want to fit - 16x8 et25 Has anyone successfully re-drilled the hubs with no issues. Ive read that there isnt a lot of material left once the holes are drilled.
  9. Jghs83

    Mk2 GTD owner forum noob.

    Thanks guys. Btw my names Jay & im normally in Dewsbury or Sourhport :)
  10. Jghs83

    Mk2 GTD owner forum noob.

    Morning. Im new to the forum so please be nice :P Just bought myself a '92 mk2 golf gtd. Always wanted another after selling mine about 10 years ago. After a long time searching i found a very good example with below average miles. & currentley all oem. So ill be looking to keep it close to oem+, Before mods though ill be concentrating on protection, wax oiling, addressing any rust (not that theres currently a lot tbh) thrn its mod time... mild lower on spring or coilovers, 15 or 16" wheels (im looking into getting the hubs machined to 4x108 & doing something that most will hate :D, a good tune, FMIC & exhaust full electrics (c/l, e/w & cat 1 alarm with remote start) Audio. Ill post a project thread once i have some better pics of the motor.