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MK2 adz

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  1. Mines going in a mk2 pal rhd so I'm struggleing to put alternator at the back
  2. Hiya mate I'm Doing the same build just wondered where you running your alternator and have you any pics of your build mate ? Give us a text if easier 07768523378 cheers
  3. Where abouts are you based mate can you give me a text on 07768523378 thanks adam quite interested
  4. Hiya matey I'm doing the 16v g60 Can I ask where did you mount the alternator I wanted to relocate it at the back but was told the servo an master cylinder would Hit ? Also the intercooler was that a tight squeeze I'd be very great full if you could let me know text would be best buddy 07768523378 thanks adam
  5. Wanted charge cooler kit for mmy mk2 16v g60 build.
  6. Hiya guys in after a charge cooler set up for my 16v g60 build
  7. Yeh get the idea matey lol so are you running g60 cooler then ? Have you got any pics of your engine build need abit of advise on a Cuple of bits if it's easier buddy give me a text on 07768523378 thanks
  8. Arhhhhh ok buddy have you done the 16v g60 Build aswell I know the g60 coolers fit but I know what your saying if my alternator is there then ye I can see it being a right one lol have you got any pics of your pal
  9. At the minute mate it's under the charger can't mount it at the rear due to servo an master cylinder. Why do you ask buddy
  10. Has any of you guys got a golf G60 intetcooler an raditor set up? Orr even a rallye set up let me know needed for my 16v G60 build 👍
  11. Where abouts are you based mate interested in the exhaust
  12. Have any of you guys got any decent shocks an spring set up for sale for my mk2 golf 16v
  13. Ok buddy that would be great thanks or if it's easier to send them to my phone here my number 07768523378 cheers adam