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  1. nope, its been sat on my drive ever since, plan to get it on the road before end of the year though
  2. i have a couple of problems with the g60 i have a misfire once the car is up to temperature, usually over 80 degrees - coolant temp. It back fires and splutters on hard acceleration. I have disconnected the lambda and it still does it (no change in running), ive swapped the blue coolant sensor with the black one, no change again. i did set the timing as per guides, the only thing i can say about that is the 0 on the flywheel was jumping about a little and not staying in the middle The other problem is the idle, from cold it sits just above 1000 and once warmed up it sits just bel
  3. message me here please after an airbox, can do a deal if your interested in a stainless steel inlet and cone filter