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  1. Yeah I remember! Times of old.. I still have my rallye
  2. I'm sure there used to be some wiring diagrams in here somewhere. If you can't find them, i have a paper diagram, i will try and get it scanned and post it up.
  3. Any pics? Might make it easier to diagnose. I have some clocks that might be able to compare against?
  4. It is a standard G60 head, as mentioned the ports are slightly bigger on the 'p' head, they are apparently preferable over the 'a' head. The head on the rallye 1H engine is a different thing to either of these, they have larger holes through for the larger head bolts on the 1H engine. There was a post about it in here a few years ago
  5. So, I want some cylinder head work doing on my rallye engine, spent hours looking round the tinterwebz and am now more confused than ever as to who to go to. I want a good porting/flowing job doing, three angle valve seats new guides etc.. Dont want to spend thousands. Are the cnc heads worth the cost? After recommendations please people!
  6. Cheers, had seen them, but I am going full rebuild and boring out to 1.9 now so won't be needing standard anymore!
  7. Pretty sure width is measured from the inside to the inside of the beads, so that would make that wheel a 6.5" Probably a 195 tyre would suit?
  8. So, I melted my pistons in my rallye. I am going to rebuild the engine, bores are poor, so I figured that I might as well bore out to 1.9 The 1H engine standard bore is 80.6mm, I am thinking of going to 82.5 or 83mm using something like the wossner pistons Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get all parts? Pistons, gasket sets etc? Are the standard rods ok? Not building an all out race engine, just a bit more poke. Does anyone still do a '1.9 rebore kit' with all parts included? Head. Any recommendations for a who does a decent porting job? Bottom end balancing? Crank, flywheel etc? who to talk to? I am a competent engine builder, having built many engines over the years, so I plan to do the actual building work myself. Any info much appreciated!
  9. So, I guess this proves the leakdown test results... No. 2 showed as 50-60% leakage.. slightly melted.. No. 3 showed as 10-20% leakage, in good order.. No. 4 showed as 95-100% leakage, melted to buggery.. And No. 1 showed as 70-80% leakage, pretty melted too.. Guess its a rebuild then!
  10. Long shot, but I don't suppose you still have these pistons?
  11. Ran a leakdown test today, suspicions pretty much confirmed. pic of cylinder leakage results..
  12. So, to follow this up it does seem to be breathing a bit heavy, I put the original rocker cover on and all good.. for a bit. Gave it a blast down the motorway all of a sudden same again, spat all its oil out of the breather.. and engine sounding dog rough too.. crap. Managed to crawl the 5 miles home, using 10 litres of oil in the process.. ha. Now breathing much worse, running pretty much on 3 cylinders. Pulled the plugs, bits of melted aluminium on plug four.. I now suspect its melted piston four, causing blowby and excessive breathing, pushing oil up into the rocker cover. So to concur, probably not problem with the schrick cover, just a melted piston!
  13. Now then. Has anyone had problems with a schrick rocker cover on a G60? I recently fitted one to my rallye, just been for a 'spirited' drive today, it started sounding rough, plumes of blue smoke from the exhaust... pulled over, oil everywhere, found to be coming from the throttle body boost return, all boost hoses full of oil. First thought was charger oil seals failed (had that before!) Topped oil back up, nursed it 15 miles or so home, smoke/oil seemed to be clearing.. oil level still the same when I got home.. hmm So i started looking into it, I have the breather going back to charger, this was full of oil. Removed the breather off the rocker cover and held it at high revs, after about 30 seconds oil started spitting out of the breather on the schrick cover? I am under the impression now that the charger is fine, and oil is coming down the breather at high revs into the charger. Never had that problem with the standard cover? Anyone else had this problem with a schrick rocker cover?
  14. From facebook.. Hello Guys, First of all, thank you all for the support, and for allowing me to post in this group. As you already know, we will start taking pre-orders tomorrow for our new upcoming Rallye indicators. I will be organizing a group buy for this particular Rallye UK group, with the help of my very good friend Darron Buckley. Darron is a very active and known member in many Rallye Groups. The main goal of the group buy is to save you guys on shipping costs and duties. Darron will be the main distributor and will ship each and every order directly from the UK. All orders will be shipped to Darron directly from the USA. Darron, will then ship every order out to you guys after he receives the shipment. Indicators should be arriving our VX Tuning warehouse around the third week of February. We will then prepare the shipment and will send to the UK within 3 days. It will take approximately 5-6 days for the shipment to arrive at the UK. After the shipment arrives at the UK, every order will be shipped within 3-4 days. We will be offering you guys a 20% off for those who wish to pre-order in this group. Coupon code will not be necessary for you guys, as this group buy will not be directly from our website. For those who wish to pre-order, an invoice will be sent directly via PayPal. Our indicators are sold individually and will start at $64.99 for Clear and Smoked style, and $74.99 for Amber "OE" Style, after the 20% discount. We also offer "OE" type Stainless Steel Screws for an additional $2 dollars. Orders will be shipped via " Royal Mail" with a tracking number and insured. Shipping will be a flat rate of $20 dollars for up to 2 indicators. Every additional indicator will be an additional $2.25 dollars. If you wish to pre-order or if you have any questions, please send an email to sales@vxtuning.com. PLEASE mention that you are in the Rallye UK Group Buy. All invoices and payments will be via PayPal .