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  1. Cheers gents, Drilled and pinned the crank and seems to have sorted the problem, fingers crossed
  2. Looking for some advice folks, Crank on the Edition 1 needs replacing due to the bloody crank pulley bolt stretching and sizing in the crank, pulley working loose and destroying the keyway in the shaft. Anyhoo do I have to fit a Standard/aftermarket G60 crank or is there any other crank that is more suitable. If it has to be a standard/aftermarket one, who sells them?
  3. Right got the water injection all working now and all seems fine but now been advised to install a Emerald ECU to get the car set up and running properly, will update as I go along
  4. Heh folks, know its a long shot but I'm looking for a complete genuine lock set for my mk2 golf, not to fussy whether its new or used but must have 2 matching keys. Cheers
  5. Cheers Graphite, sounds like your the man  need to talk to regarding the installation. The 1S is a great wee system, I have used them before on my last project, makes a massive difference. The only bit I am stuck on is where to tap the purple wire (ignition switch positive) into, where did you tap into. Cheers
  6. Heh gents, I am currently fitting a Aquamist 1s water injection system to my Edition 1, I'm a bit stuck with the wiring, what I am looking for is the ignition switch positive wire that I need to tap into, any help would be great cheers
  7. How much you after for it mate
  8. Cheers, had a look at that one but turns out to be a standard one from a 16v,  bummer, think his price is way out though
  9. I'm after a centre console for a G60/Rallye, needs to be the one with the electric window panel, cash waiting. Cheers
  10. Hi My names Ally I live in the north east of Scotland and I'm a Dub addict , here's a photo of my Edition 1 G60, I've had her almost a year so with winter upon us its time to get a few things done, I want to keep the G60 engine in her but modify it, I'm thinking of the Bahn Brenner charger but what else would the engine benefit from any help would be great, I've spent years building a Supercharged mk2 VR6  and know the VR6 engine quite well but am unfamiliar with the 1.8 G60 lump. Cheers guys 
  11. I'm looking for a centre console for my edition 1 golf. Cheers