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  1.   [URL=http://s90.photobucket.com/user/peteg40/media/20131124_200144_zpsc9772f36.jpg.html][/URL] Nozzle, pump and pressure switch   £100 and i'm in Barnsley/Sheffield
  2. You'll have seen these in mags, at shows and down the discotheque.  Now you can own one! We need 15-20 sales ideally to make it a goer.  They are screen printed on fruit of the loom quality merchandise.  Have had mine for years and its still standing if a little oily and warn. So who fancies it? Hoodies are £25+3 postage  sizes S-2XL T-shirts are £13+2 postage. size S-2XL [URL=http://s90.photobucket.com/user/peteg40/media/superchargedwhitetshirt1az_zps3c55b467.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s90.photobucket.com/user/peteg40/media/superchargedblackhoodiefin
  3. tbh - 'PTFE' grease is a generic term.  Some is MUCH thicker than others.   The stuff g-werks and PSD used to spec is either siolube plus or wurth HHS grease... both food grade grease and about £15 a can and very thin grease.  Using 'white grease' or wd40 or gt85 will probably do more harm than good.   personally... i prefer leaving the breather pipe where it is!
  4. i use simoniz engine enamel - no primer needed and its high temp!
  5. hmmm is it a crack - or a gouge?   also - those are psd/g-werks apex seals BTW
  6. g40 scrolls are a bit different, but i can show you psd porting and r1s from the inside.  pm me when/if you want to pop up.   The later psd and g-werks scrolls i've seen weren't ported - but jabba do (when they remember) on all from stage2 onwards.
  7. is this ricky from chesterfield - who had a g40?   I;ve got plenty of dead g40 castings you can borrow to copy the porting of.
  8. no problems.   i've been asked and can also get rear top mounts - gonna try and get prices and photos
  9. they do weigh a 1.5kilos. and that was royal fail.   MIght be able to courier them cheaper - will have a butchers!
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