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  1. frank

    Rallye show

    Great show ,more cars each year .. Best car for me ..red golf inside with the lambo brake set up ..any body know the owner let me know.. Ps well done Simon great show mate it's getting better each year...frank..
  2. hi mate, got any pics ,sound great..frank
  3. Hi all look for a guy from the Stockport area may be reddish area who is well glued up on g60 engines .. I did have his number but like a donkey I,be lost it any help would be great ps think he drives a mk1 g60......thanks frank
  4. Hi jonk710, love the replies , I,am sure you no they are right , but if you have made your decision to sell sick with it..glws . Seen the car at the rallye show a few years back ,great car .......Frank...
  5. frank

    Golf rallye

    hi chaps, found one for sale mobile.de 15000 euro low kms
  6. frank

    Golf rallye

    Did Vw sell a golf rallye with no sunroof.....
  7. Since to see old things like this......frank
  8. The five star hotel seems nice.....30k have a word...
  9. i said they are on the up,not sure about 30k very interested to see what it goes for.....
  10. 30k is that right......
  11. frank

    Rallye prices

    Glad to hear it's not back news..dehumidifirer inside the car ....great for damp areas just a thought....