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  1. So I'm a bit confused and wanted to know if anyone on here might be able to answer this questions. Im building a 16vg60 ABA/ABF 2.0 motor I've been looking online for brackets and not sure how different these are from the motor mount part of it on a mk1 standpoint. please feel free to comment as I'm looking for advice before i make final purchase. here are two photos of 2.0 bracket and 1.8 bracket. so I'm confused on which to order and two different companies including Gladen didn't know either. PLEASE HELP
  2. berno is this on teeth set up or 60mm regular pulley? i was thinking of ordering 60mm pulley to feel it out. pros & cons in your opinion? and why want to go back to 65? also since it looks like i have 63 does that 62 seem fast to you?
  3. Perfect…. Thanks for letting me know!
  4. Paudie so you think i can slap head on PG block with out issues? I thought somewhere on the net i found someone say the Head studs where smaller that a A style head but i can be mistaken. i also run ARP and wouldn't want to run into issues if thats the case. I also read that someone mentioned about P Head being on a Rallye Golf but can't tell if thats 100% true. Well thanks for Chimming in on this topic
  5. Hi i just was given a G60 Cylinder head 037 103 373 P from a friend but i never seen this number. Can anyone shed light if they know what car this came off of? All we have in America is 037 103 373 A Not sure if i should worry about anything weird with this head. I was going to port & polish and slap it on a PG Block and get running. Let me know if anyones heard of this before i start to rebuild and find out i can't use it. Thanks
  6. Henny so i counted and it is 56 crank 26 charger. and when i ordered from Bartek they said it was 65mm this was over 3 years ago. i also know G unit said above he thinks I'm at 63.5 but looking at a 68mm pulley and my pulley from outside diameter looks the same…. well Kinda
  7. Ok that makes more sense now. i was looking at older post of when you said you had 56 26 and wasn't adding up.
  9. ISV

    Well tonight i did some testing on a friend mk1 g60 and dyno. stock bottom end 268/276 ported head & Manifold custom side mount intercooler with header 65mm pulley RSR outlet & ported charger 380CC INJECTORS Keep in mind every motor is different dyno was a DYNAPACK DYNO I DONT HAVE PHOTOS OF DYNO SHEET CAUSE PHOTO BUCKET CHARGES NOW TO HOST BUT WROTE NUMBERS DOWN. Results: BBM ISV REROUTE 199.9 HP 6350RPM / 189.5TQ CAR TEMP 180 DEGRESS seen WE LET CAR COOL DOWN TO 180 DEGREES Results: ISV Open in atmosphere 187.3HP / 181.7TQ END RESULTS WITH ISV REROUTE CAR MADE 4 TO 5 MORE PSI STEADY AND A GAIN OF ALMOST 13HP OVER NONE REROUTED! So for those that said the ISV REROUTE is a waste it isn't….. 12.6 hp is 7.8 but for what its worth a trip to a hardware store and you can make your own for under 30 bucks and a welder. i repeat every car is different!
  10. SO doing some more research i seen on Gladen Motor sport size they sell 65mm teeth pulleys and they are 24 teeth. but when i counted mine i have 26 so does that mean i have 70mm? Or is every company different? Im so confused LMAO
  11. So i counted today and i also have 56 crank and 26 charger pulley is that a 65mm pulley i have? thats what i thought i ordered from them but who knows. Im not sure if they even know what they sent me LOL
  12. I have teeth gear from Bartek and can't remember if they sent me a pulley that goes on the Charger bracket where the two black plastic ones go. someone mentioned i use 8v g60 tensioner pulley and replace one of the plastic pulley. Does that sound right? I assume because the two that are on the Bracket are bigger than the one i believe they gave me and i can t find it. Let me know what you guys use.
  13. ISV

    I will keep you posted. as soon as i do dyne pulls
  14. ISV

    Well i hoped that someone would have some clarification. Only thing i see on internet is can't detect knock……. So if the car is on the dyno I'm sure either way detecting knock would be seen cause the car would be detonating if I'm correct? So with that being said i will do to dyno pulls with & without to see if there is any gains with it rerouted & without. Of course i will have to different chips. Please feel free to comment if anyone has done this in the past. I do hear that you do pick up 2 to 3 psi from rerouting the isv.
  15. ISV

    So this has been a question asked a million times and i have yet to get the proper answer. In the US we are use to doing the ISV Reroute as BBM started this and I'm not sure where the owner got that idea from. But I've had it and noticed it did give me an extra 2psi or 3 rerouting it. In Europe i see a lot of guys dump isv in atmosphere and put a filter at the end of it. I recently just built another G60 and with this motor i decided to try doing it with ISV not rerouted. I do notice the car at Idle had a strange whistle also but not sure if it is coming from that. Also my chip i ordered is from James at Dubforce store. Id like to hear anyones pros & cons to either way. Thank you for the replies