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  1. Does anyone know where i can get brackets for 16v g60. I'm looking for the kit like Alex Wrights 16v G60 I don't want the BBM Kit it does not work on mk1. and i only found the Alternator brackets from a company called WPS. Any info would help. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know about Boba Motorsport? If so what cams are these guys running in there 16v Turbos motors? Ive been trying to find out by Facebook VwVortex and sent them emails also private messages on FB & Vortex. No response…… Anyone know how to get a hold of them?
  3. Has anyone ever ran any EUROSPEC CAMS at all?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has ever run Eurospec 268/260 1.8t camshafts? Mainly searching for results and if any issues? Thanks
  5. Im still looking if anyone is trying to sell one of these 16v manifolds
  6. Curious if anyone on here has one of these manifolds for sale? Ive been searching for some time now all over and can't seem to locate one and thought i seen one on here one day. If you do please let me know I'm interested. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, Just wanted to know if anyone is in the market to purchase Stainless 16v Tubular manifold. my friend owns a shop here in the states and has made me a one off but has the Jig to replicate this Manifold. they are being offered at $800 US Dollars plus shipping. Please let me know. They can also be made with V-Band if wanted! It will fit mk1 mk2 & mk3 & corrado Just testing waters and see if these would be a item people in the UK might take interest in. here are two photos of what mine came out like after it was finished.
  8. As it states in my title Wanted 16v RMR Intake manifold i remember seeing one on here for sale a while back. Does anyone have one of these they are selling if so please let me know ASAP. jdiaz@firstlegalsupport.com
  9. My Compression old twin screw G60 was 8.5.1 but also keep in mind i was running 12 Degress of timing on MS109 Race Fuel Thats why i was able to squeeze 308HP out of it.
  10. No this track sucks! I'm going to bigger slicks 24.5 and tonight i will be changing fuel pump so i can run e85 make power about 500 to 600 window with 30 to 35 psi and then going to NHRA track that is prepped well. CR is 9.01 JE Pistons but i decked head & Block so its a little higher. No plans for 4 wheel!
  11. It is but a little uncontrollable at the top end!!!!!
  12. My 16v Turbo Rabbit at the track this weekend. My good friend Derek Harris shot the Photo & Did the Head work on my build 2.0 ABA IE Rods JE Pistons 1.8 Head P&P with Autotech Cams Supertech 1mm oversized valves Race Fabrication Tube Exhaust Manifold & Intake Manifold Front Mount Intercooler Tial Waste Gate & Blow Off Garrett GTX 3076R Megasquirt Standalone tuned by Dardan in the US 1000 CC Gram Injectors 14psi 364HP 278TQ Changing to E85 this week and going to 30PSI Here is a photo Derek shot at Local 1/8th mile track friday night
  13. Thanks
  14. Does anyone know or has ran a mk1 g60 without the accumulator? Im wondering what that would do cause my truck doesn't have one cause it was once a diesel. I also noticed that Corrado g60 don't have that either!    
  15.   That will suck for me in a good way. My intake manifold & Head are beast as far as flow!