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  1. Ive had the worst time finding a part number for 16VG60 Teeth Belt. Ive Emailed Bartek & Gladen and they will not tell me anything as far as part number cause I believe they want me to purchase from them but I need in the next few days. Gladen Motorsport did tell me it is a Gates Belt! If anyone can please help it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Not sure if this has been covered by anyone from Europe? Does the stock g60 exhaust manifold flow as good or close to a 4 into one header? Im finishing my mk2 gti and wanted to know which choice would be best to go with. I don't have either of them but have choice to get one or the other. Just wasn't sure if stocker will choke power in these little motor. Any opinion matters just want to know what to get Thanks
  3. mad g60

    65mm Revs

    Im talking teeth cogged pulley not ribbed
  4. mad g60

    65mm Revs

  5. Yeah I've decided to go to turbo for that amount. I just dynode my 8v g60 and made 207 to the wheels with a 65mm pulley and i didn't rev it past 6300 cause it was leaning out put was still climbing I'm going back to the dyno to throw 3 degrees of timing and make a few tweaks with different fuel mixtures to try and get it near or to the 250hp range with the help of James with his chip tuning! I will post my dyno sheet as soon as i get software. It still baffles me how this little charger i wish produced more for the motor!!!!! Other than that i love the G Lader blower and probably one day will eventually build me a 16vg60 Thanks for the response Paudie Thanks Paudie i just took my 8vg60 truck to dyno recently with a SNS Chip i borrowed and it made 207 to the wheels and 194 torque I have James sending me a chip or two with some changes to my Timing advancing and fuel mixtures I'm trying to hit the 250HP to the wheel range. as soon as i dyno next week i will post. i revved mine out to 6300 when i noticed it was going to lean but on the chart it was climbing like it had 20 more horsepower to go. I honestly feel like the truck has 300HP because of the weight. I took it to the 1/8th mile drag strip last week and ran 7.65 at 90.87mph that equates to 11.93 which i think its fast for a 8vg60 I've been searching to see if any other Gs have been in the 11s and haven't seen any posted yet.
  6. Paudie since on your signature looks like you have or had 16vg60 do you know what the horsepower would be on a built motor? Im trying to see how much power these things can actually make and if its worth me finishing my project? i have 2l ABF with 83.5 wiseco pistons 9.1 compression 1.8 16v head ported polished to the max 1mm oversized intake & exhaust valves with super tech & retainers Techtonics 288 cams and i also have a set of auto tech 252 cams haven't decided what cams to use ported throttle body short runner intake manifold 440 injectors with a chip from James from Dubforce Techtonics race head 4 into 1 65mm teeth pulley with 3 fin worked charger front mount intercooler. Or if anyone knows here what would be a guess on horsepower. Just seems the post I've seen the numbers are so low for the amount of work and money that I've put in. But I'm in such love with the set up!!!! Thats at this point i don't really care:)
  7. Im looking for 16vg60 alternator brackets if anyone has a set and they want to get rid of please message me on here. Paypal ready
  8. mad g60

    16vg60 Head

    Just got my new race head back today from Bill Porter Motorsport in US. time to mount and also just ordered Sprintex S335 Supercharger. Hope to have build done in 2 months.
  9. Well i finally put those teeth set up on my car. This thing feels insane! Especially since it's on my drag race caddy MK1 and I weighed that and it came out weighing 1644 lb I'm assuming horsepowers probably 250 to the 280 range and yes once again it feels ridiculous running a little bit on the rich side cuz I'm running a tectonic stage for chip but waiting for James to send me over the correct map for my application and I'm sure this thing or even feel like a bat out of hell
  10. Opinions on 288 cams for 16vg60? Pros & cons. Debating cams im going with on this motor im almost done building. Has anyone had any experience with these?
  11. Im looking for Corrado G60 Clear turn signals if anyone knows where i can purchase these let me know. Thanks
  12. mad g60


    I just had James from Dubforce make another chip for 30lbs and see how it runs. Just seems like every chip i ever ran that is made for 440 it runs so Flipping rich. I had a 440 chip in it and my plugs were black as ****! and puffing black smoke. I even lowered pressure down to 2.5 bar and still. Im using walboro 255 and 440. Not sure why it was doing this. But figure i try this new chip and see how she runs before i order from another chip tuner.
  13. mad g60


    Ive also sent an email to SNS cause i heard good things about them. Im going back to 30lbs injectors since every set up I've had with 42lbs has never run correct its always been way over fueled and with 30lbs its ran like a champ! Ive also heard good things of theibach and SLS Thanks