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  1. Does anyone know what is the highest safe rev points for 68mm 65mm 62mm etc on g60 charger. I keep hearing in the US not to rev past 6200 with 65mm just curious. my Motor 1.8PG Refreshed Bottom end g60 head with 1mm Oversized Valves & Schrick 268/276 Head decked also running on VP MS109 Race Fuel 50/50 Mixture Stage5 3 fin GT70 BBM blower with RSR Outlet Techtonics Race 4 into 1 header Custom Intake manifold with 2 inch runners Ported throttle body dewedged 440Injectors Front mount intercooler Dubforce Chip with 2.5 KPA Map Sensor in ECU
  2. Hi All does anyone know if i can use the WD40 Version of PTFE Grease? for my G Lader? Want to make sure i ask before i spray it. I see on Ebay Dark Gray half the bottle light gray other half and yellow nozzle. Let me know Thanks
  3. Anyone???? Im really trying to find this bracket for shifter cables.
  4. Anybody? this tranny was made for Europe just trying to get answers where i can find shift cable brackets for this
  5. Im sure someone has. Its a tranny they made for europe. The US never got this????
  6. Does anyone heard of a transmission called 02S NBS? Im trying to locate brackets that hold shifter cables in place on top of transmission. Any help would help. Thanks
  7. Anyone know of a transmission by the code of 02S NBS Im trying to find the brackets that hold the shifter cable in place on top of the transmission. Any help will work. Thanks
  8. Is anyone familiar with a tranny 02S NBS CODE? Im trying to find the bracket that holds the shifter cables on top of trans. Any info would help. Thanks
  9. Man I've posted on 3 different forums and still cannot find what cams these guys are using on 16v turbo motors????? Im just really curious if they are using a schrick or TT
  10. Does anyone know where i can get brackets for 16v g60. I'm looking for the kit like Alex Wrights 16v G60 I don't want the BBM Kit it does not work on mk1. and i only found the Alternator brackets from a company called WPS. Any info would help. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know about Boba Motorsport? If so what cams are these guys running in there 16v Turbos motors? Ive been trying to find out by Facebook VwVortex and sent them emails also private messages on FB & Vortex. No response…… Anyone know how to get a hold of them?
  12. Has anyone ever ran any EUROSPEC CAMS at all?
  13. I was wondering if anyone has ever run Eurospec 268/260 1.8t camshafts? Mainly searching for results and if any issues? Thanks
  14. Im still looking if anyone is trying to sell one of these 16v manifolds
  15. Curious if anyone on here has one of these manifolds for sale? Ive been searching for some time now all over and can't seem to locate one and thought i seen one on here one day. If you do please let me know I'm interested. Thanks