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  1. Is it worth getting a proper g60 one then?
  2. So best I get a proper g60 isv then.
  3. I've put a mk2 gti isv on my Corrado g60 as a tempery measure as my original one failed. The car seems to run fine, but I've heard people say that this should not work. Would this effect the running of my car or should it be ok to use.
  4. We will see what happens. Hopefully they are true to their word and the charger is fine. Will find out soon.
  5. If it is faulty when I have it checked, I will be getting a refund for sure!!!
  6. joshradog60


    Cheers guys. Paint is lc3u dark burgundy pearl effect. 👍
  7. So I've spoken to jabba today and they put it down to when they rebuild a charger they flush it through with oil? And apparently this is just the residue from that? I've cleaned it twice since and to be honest it was still as bad.
  8. Seems to be a common problem then, full rebuild looks like the best option at the moment then!
  9. Yeah 3 months or 3000 miles which ever comes first. I can't even be bothered to go back, had so much hassle there! Not even 1500 miles and it's gone. Not good service!! How much would a service be with you chunkeymunkey003?
  10. Ah man! Ok cheers for the help guys!! No warranty as it's past 3 months, might try wing it as I havernt reached the milage warranty.
  11. Hi, I've had my charger rebuilt by jabba back in august. Since then I have only done about 1500 miles. But when I removed the split silencer box to replace it with a rsr outlet I found it was completely full of grease and oil? I thought this was a bit odd and maybe just an over load of grease when it was rebuilt. I cleaned all my pipes and started again. 50 miles later it's full again? Can anybody shed any light on this?
  12. joshradog60


    Hi I'm josh I don't usually do forums but I thought I would give it a go. I'm 21 in Buckingham area and drive a corrado g60 and boring mk4 1.8t daily. Few mods on the corrado consist of: stage 4 charger 68mm pulley, red top injectors, mocal oil cooler, sns stage 5 chip, abf gearbox, miltek system. Lowered on koni coilovers and currently have bbs rm splits for the summer.