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  1. Well my mk2 project if finally nearing completion and I needed a few breather hoses from the Stealer sorry dealership so I decided Id better go and order a couple of bits, I went in all smiles thinking a small plastic tube shouldnt be so expensive only to be quoted £40 plus vat 40 bloody quid am I just a tight northerner or is this daylight robbery for a plastic pipe no longer than a few inches in length Rant over any feedback welcome
  2. Thanks for that ill check them out
  3. Could anyone reccomend to me a reputable company preferably around the Yorkshire Lincs region to powder coat my alloys, they are split rims and Ive already let someone have a go and theyve not come out too good so dont want the same thing happening again thanks in anticipation
  4. Cheers Mac ill be sending out to you on Thursday mate
  5. You also need to work out how your going to operate the clutch cos if you want to keep it hydo then you will need a pedal box like off a Corrado Mk3 golf and in order to fit one youll need to flatten part of the firewall, I made the mistake of spraying the bay before I did this so we ended up using a master cylinder from an Alfa Romeo and mounting it to the steering column and its worked out quite well
  6. now mate still messing about with the mk2 should be running this year speak soon mate
  7. Im in Scotter Nr Gainsborough and yes mate I still have it
  8. Now £65 I also have a powder coated front slam panel in black for a Mk2 golf £40 Merc sprinter intercooler £35
  9. pics of rear strut please. sent you a sms but no reply.

  10. yes mate I think you did thanks for the comments
  11. 2.5" polished Stainless upper rear strut brace, laser cut flanges and ends it bolts to the top of your strut tops so there are no body mods to do The Price is £75 plus post (normally £12 via parcelforce) Tel 07808856331 Thanks Chris Ill post a photo as soon as I can or ill text if anyone would like
  12. Well I went and got myself a new woman, new car and I might even get my mk2 finished this year so id better pull my finger out
  13. I used to own it a few years ago when it was green and ive always regretted selling it but I dont think I could convince the misses to let me buy it back unless you want a px for a mk2