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rallyegolf driver

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  1. rallyegolf driver

    1.9ltr 8v RallyeGolf G60 for sale!

    Rallye is sold! Today it went back to the Heimat, the region of Trier to be precise.... Anyone recall the name of Mario Günther? It was fun to own the car for over 10,5 years, but now I have to move on. I will come back to this forum once a while, but not as frequent as in the past years. See you all sooner or later, René
  2. rallyegolf driver

    1.9ltr 8v RallyeGolf G60 for sale!

    Rallye is still for sale. Fluids of gearbox, transferbox and rear diff have been refreshened also.
  3. rallyegolf driver

    1.9ltr 8v RallyeGolf G60 for sale!

    Yes, I am open to serious offers, but don't think I sell cheap!
  4. rallyegolf driver

    1.9ltr 8v RallyeGolf G60 for sale!

    Thnx guys, it is still up for grabs, take your chances!
  5. rallyegolf driver

    1.9ltr 8v RallyeGolf G60 for sale!

    Decent , sensible offers are considered...
  6. rallyegolf driver

    1.9ltr 8v RallyeGolf G60 for sale!

    For sale after 10 years in my posession: RallyeGolf G60 Syncro Colour: L041 Black Mileage: 149.xxx km ( motor replaced by 1.9liter @ 132.xxx km ) Registered in NL : RB-NH-13, car is located in the Netherlands. Sold new in Hückelhoven Germany in 1990 I am 3rd owner. The rallye is in my posession since november 1999, I accuired it with 57.000km on the odometer. Over the years there has been quite some maintenance and tuning, for instance: - gearbox overhauled - transferbox overhauled - propshaft overhauled, new hangers - wheelbearings replaced - brakes girling 38 overhauled - replaced radiator with new item - rear differential overhauled - All 4 ABS sensors replaced I have collected lots of bills of the things which have been done to the car, but I have done a lot of work myself. Enginewise there have been done major changes: At 132.000km the original 1H engine was replaced with newly build 1h engine with the following specs: - Engineblock bored to 83mm by Van Kronenburg Motorsports and coated blue. - JE 83mm forged pistons with a C/R 9,0:1. - Crankshaft checked and balanced by Van Kronenburg. - Conrods replaced by 144mm KR items checked and weighed by Van Kronenburg. - Audi S2 conrod bearings ( Sputter). - All bearings, oilseals, bolts, etcetera new. - New oilpump, adapted with a longer axle,custom made for 2-piece Oettinger oilsump. fitted with longer bolts and adapter from Oettinger. - Alloy 2-piece oilsump by Oettinger , fitted with new bolts. - New oilsquirters in block. - Heavily modified 8v head,ported inlet and exhaustports, modified valves and valveseats,valvestems modified,etc. All bolts, gaskets, seals renewed. - Schrick double valvesprings and valve retainers for sports camshafts. - sparkplugs from G40 engine. - Custom steel headgasket for 83mm bore.. - Inletmanifold flowed. - Throttlebody flowed. - Exhaust manifold is a GENUINE VW-MOTORSPORT GROUP N item, casted much larger in diametre than originaly, fitted new. - Engine has new sensors where needed, new oil lines to and from charger, multiple new hoses, etc. - Carbon-oxide recirculation system removed. - Charger rebuilt and flowed casings by Peter de Groote from Gent ( belgium), equipped with high-rev bearings,charger fitted with 71mm alloy pulley. Charger builds up pressure quick and keeps it that way to the rev limiter. - Engine does not loose a drop of oil. - Sachs heavy duty clutch, again fitted with new bolts. - Exhaust is an in excellent condition Supersprint system together with stainless steel cat replacer. - Front engine mount is replaced by an alloy mount from Bahnbrenner Motorsports. Rear mount is a modified original mount. Because of a lack of time and different circumstances in my life, i have not been able to put the last pieces in the car, but they come separate with the Rallye: - 65mm pulley with belt. - 4 DEKA SIEMENS High Ohm 380cc @3 bar injectors - Adjustable camshaft wheel - VR6 gearbox ( CCM) for its internals. Combine these with a 5th gear from a TDI gearbox and you have the ideal combination of gears. - extreme camshaft by L&S Cartech 296/286 degrees assymetrical , valvelift 11,9mm ( head needs small modifications for clearance of the lobes). - downpipes by Hans Weijs, dutch rally driver ( drove a VWM rallye once.) - some smaller parts for maintenance. At the moment it has a chip bij Jeroen Dik ( JD-engineering) meant for a 190bhp setup with green injectors, there should be a custom chip in it. My goal with the engine was 260-270bhp with a torque of 330+ Nm. - Front rotors are drilled and slotted 280mm items, with greenstuff pads all round. Bodywise the rallye is in a good condition for a daily driver, for show&shine it would need a repaint. Chassis is in good shape, never had any welding. The front has some stonechips, here and there some scratches and minor parking dents. Since a few months there is a dent in the passenger sides door, I do not know how it came there. Experts say it is about eur 375 repair costs. Sills are in good shape, could use some TLC in the near future. No rustholes yet. Fenders have been rolled to accomodate 9x16inch wheels. Interior has the electric rallyegolf recaros. Handbrake lever leather replaced. No radio, therefore 3 VDO meters ( Oilpressure, oiltemperature and chargepressure.) Rallye still has its parcel shelf without holes. Multiple window and doorseals replaced. Sunroof seal is included, not yet fitted to the car. Furthermore the rallye has French spec headlights, French spec foglights and orange turnsignals. The rallye is sold on the original Sebring wheels with 185x55x15 Toyo Snowprox tyres. Rallye comes with Supersport coilovers, original shocks and springs come with the car. Rallye has a GT alarm with remote controls. What comes with the rallye: - as stated engine part. s - original shocks and springs - original cats - original WHITE Headlight glasses!! - original 1H chip and pulley - extra spoiler for hatch. - Original early red G60 emblem for the grille as with the earliest rallyegolfs. - much bills and documents from maintanance and tuning. - 3 keys, of which 1 G60 key with cap and 2 remote controls for the alarm system. The price for the complete package is eur 8000,00, about 7100 pounds sterling. This buys you a very complete rallye, with lots of power ( even more when al tuning parts are added). ATTENTION: BBS RS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SOLD SEPARATELY, SO NOT INCLUDED!! Please send your serious reactions to: renerallye@hotmail.com, I do not visit this forum often anymore, because of my 2 young kids.... As already said, I own the car from 57.000km on the clock, 10 years in a row...so I know enough about the car which I can tell you. photo's of dent can be seen on this site: Marktplaats link Greetings René
  7. rallyegolf driver

    2nd rallye transfer box

    This is the answer to your question. 100% sure. Rolling radius from the 195-40 is about 1700mm. the radius from the 195-45 is 1785mm ( Dunlop sp9000 as example). so that makes 1785-1700/1700x100= 5% rolling radius difference. Say bye bye to your diffs....the difference has to be within 2%. Replace the rear tyres with a 215-35-16 and you are out of trouble.
  8. rallyegolf driver

    Edition One G60

    Not to forget, it is a Syncro...........
  9. rallyegolf driver

    Best Wishes

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you guys... Have fun usin' the syncro at the moment!!
  10. rallyegolf driver

    The icing on the cake....

    You can find them here: Rallye and G60 badges
  11. rallyegolf driver

    The icing on the cake....

    They are original VW OEM parts. They were discontinued by VW in 1989 already, just like the rectangular G60 badge. There was a small batch of these emblems for sale a few weeks ago , there were approx. 15-20 sets available through some parts wholesalers and Ebay. I got one set of them! There is a VW parts number on the rear , is the same as the G60 item, but instead of AA it is F at the end ( or vice versa ).
  12. rallyegolf driver

    The icing on the cake....

    Well Folks, just got these delivered today, and I cannot tell you how happy I am with them!!! I had the G60 emblem for a while, but now I have the "Rallye" side emblems too!!! :rolleyes: This will be the icing on the cake:
  13. rallyegolf driver

    Is this an early Rallye?

    yes it is an early type. You have some distinguished things which point this out. 1. coolant bottle early type. 2. yellow ABS plugs on domes ( later ones have black ones). 3. If your front brake calipers are the original ones, they have the smaller size brake bleed bolts to take the air out of the braking system. Later Girling 54 's have larger bleed bolts. 4. Your front syncro differential is completely stand alone with its oil. Later ones have 2 oil passages from gearbox to syncro diff. Also different metal casting from later ones. 5. Your 5th gears are bolted on the gear axles with smaller bolts than the later ones, which is an update VW made in later 1989... precisely in the middle of Rallye production.... I know, as I 've got an early one too. My original 1H engine was number 1041. My car was produced on 25-08-1989. that is after the summer holiday, when they started production of the rallyes in Brussels (Vorst) Belgium.
  14. rallyegolf driver

    I've got myself a nice camshaft....

    Hi guys, I finally got what I wanted for my engine. The most extreme assymetrical camshaft for a G60, to be exact 296/286 custom by Dbilas. My question goes as follows: The previous owner put this cam in his g60 powered Mk2 which then produced 276 Hp ( MelG60 ). His cylinderhead already had extra clearance for the cam lobes before he put this one in. Now, the valve lift of this cam is 11,8 and 11,7mm. Does this fit a head which doesn't have the extra clearance made for the lobes around the hydraulic cam follower bucket hole? I already have Schrick valve springs and valve discs/caps installed. Thanks for your answers already!
  15. rallyegolf driver

    Rallye on its new shoes....

    Yes indeed, they are Porsche fitment ( 5x130 ). They are French spec. Bought them brandspanking new.