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Blue MK2

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  1. Blue MK2

    The Branks Rallye resto

    Bright silver would work with the red. Excellent work chap
  2. Blue MK2

    mk2 golf g60

    Thats nice to know. Glad you like it :)
  3. As title   Bottom rad rubber hose for the g60 please.
  4. Blue MK2

    G60 water pipes

    Bottom rad pipe just required please!
  5. Blue MK2

    WTB: duo styling gauges for mk2

    Honestly don't hold your breath. In fact forget about it. I gathered a group of people twice and they let us down TWICE. They can't be arsed.
  6. Blue MK2

    Rallye G60 Tuning....Advice needed

    Singh get the head ported. Night and day improvement. I wasn't a fan of a 285 cam (needs machining work to run this). I'd go for something mild next round as the power was up the top end.
  7. Blue MK2

    H9TVW Golf G60

  8. Blue MK2

    G60 water pipes

    Require the following for a G60: Top water pipe   bottom radiator rubber pipe Heater matrix rubber pipes.     Please let me know. Require them this week thank you!
  9. As title. u bend required with the gasket please!
  10. Blue MK2

    G60 Crank pully wobble...next step?

    The toothed pulley where the timing belt goes or the larger damper pulley?
  11. Blue MK2

    Help, looking for g60 loom wiring diagram

    My favorite http://www.dubforce.net/forums/?showtopic=6851   The rest on A2 resource
  12. Blue MK2

    mk2 golf g60

    Hello Matey That was me who you called the other day. Sent you the pictures via email. The last owner was going to put it on the track. Such a rare car I had to take it off him!
  13. Blue MK2

    Rally dust/weather car cover

    I have a stormforce cover for my mk2. Fits perfect and is a winter cover. You shouldn't use it in the baking heat as its not designed for it. Materials on it will break down. The monsoon cover...thats perfect all year round, much lighter than the stormforce and ive just bought one for my rallye. I chose the hf intergrale cover and is a snug fit. coveryourcar.co.uk
  14. Blue MK2

    mk2 golf g60

    Good to see that back