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  1. Give Matt at OCD a call he should be able to help you out
  2. Wow the attention to detail is amazing, I can't wait to see this finished
  3. Bright headlights lol did he actually drive it at night!!
  4. Does everyone's insurance include agreed valuations,breakdown, windscreen, modifications? BecAuse I've just had mine through today £312 [emoji53]
  5. Cheers Si,I'll try and stop over on the Saturday it just depends on work but where's everyone stopping?
  6. Is everything there ready to bolt on or would I need any additional parts
  7. I'm away on holiday until tomorrow but I'll dig out the receipt when I get home and let you know
  8. Hi Si, looking forward to the new venue!! Would I be able to cone on the day to display or do they have to be in on the Saturday? Cheers Paul
  9. are these easy to set up? I've read they can be a pain for belts snapping and running straight, but I love the sound
  10. I put some on mine from Germany that were also lowering top mounts by 10mm.
  11. Does anyone have the plastic cover that goes over the radiator?
  12. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for me to get my charger back from OCD they are still waiting for the new displacer to arrive from Germany! it's taking forever!!!