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  1. Mk2 Golf Edition One G60 1990 - Dark Burgundy Pearl 180,000miles 12months mot Engine: 1.9 tsr block, pack c head, schrick cam, 4 branch stainless steel manifold, rallye intercooler, vr6 radiator, vibratechnics front engine mount, stage 4 charger with 68mm pulley, red top injectors, sns chip with antilag. A lot of money has been spent on the engine. She runs sweet and pulls well. Abs delete, gearbox excellent with no issues. Interior: Mauritius blue carpet / seats, electric recaro seats, leather steering wheel, gearknob, handbrake lever, no rips or tears in upholstery. Rev
  2. I have one to sell if anyones looking? Ex cond
  3. Bonded windscreen. Higher transmission tunnel, as some were syncros clear front bumper indicators
  4. Id have to check my reciepts from previous owners, guessing 3-4 yrs ago. Service next month so thats a possible time. The charger is only half way through its service interval though so not really looking at removing this year.
  5. Thanks, chargers due next year so think ill change it then .
  6. How often should the small charger belt be changed ? And how hard to do? Been suggested change yearly or when charger service due which is a big difference Whats everyone doing?
  7. For anybody in a similar situation. My car was converted by dan at devondubshack. Dan has a usa contact for sourcing the necessary lhd parts and having just done my conversion will be able to do the next one quicker.
  8. Probably my last update to this thread, thankfully. The abs system has been removed!!!! .I went through all the checks followed all the advice and information given by members and through old threads and could not get it fixed. So the parts were sourced. And ive just got the car back today with a fresh mot and clean bill of health. Normal driving resumed. Im so glad that when it breaks now its just an ordinary system to fix and like someone said if you fix the abs and it goes again while driving or just parked its still going to be a nightmare to fix. My advice to anyone would be if you have
  9. Id be guessing not as the pump is electronically controlled from the ecu. The pump wouldnt prime. My symptom is the other way round as in hard pedal. Ive had everything checked and using a lot of info and advice from here have decided to remove mine and revert to normal servo assisted system. Just a pain collecting parts. I do have a spare good ecu id do for £45 posted if any use to you.
  10. No... Good shout ill do it now, thanks.
  11. I do keep an eye out for one. Hopefully next as you say. To get one in any size but correct colour would be perfect!
  12. Thats the one! Im sure i saw a picture once and not just making it up lol. Do they ever rerelease models ? Or is it a case of keeping an eye on ebay. Id love the red one in 1:12scale but prefer to have your actual colour if poss in any scale lol
  13. Am i right in thinking they once did a edition one model with blue recaros and dbp?Or did i dream it lol. This is the one i have to find/ wait for
  14. Still ongoing. Rich is sourcing parts for removal and i have a specialist been recomended to me so will be ringing them. I think i will take whatever route can be done first now. Has been suggested replace rear wheel speed sensors but i cant see how this would stop the pump supplying any fluid to the rear lines. If Anyone has any parts on steveo30's list i will take them. Dont even mind doubling up on parts
  15. Very nice, is it bright blue or pasedena? Always hard to tell in pictures lol
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