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  1. Does anyone know where I can get this bearing or what to use instead?  It's no longer available from VW.  I heard E30 BMW ones can be used?  Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. I'll take it if its still available?
  3. These are the only pics I have of the paint so far!  The engine bay.  
  4. dazfxvw he certianly could make you some but its not a cheap task to do I'm afraid!  It will depend how bad yours are and the extent of what needs to be fabricated. You will end up with first class sills though!  He hand makes panels for Morgan and Jaguar prototypes and is a true perfectionist!
  5. Cheers lukas but believe me it was rotten and if a decent shell was available at the time then thats the route I'd have taken!  After over a year on and off of hard by a very skilled tin smith the shell is now better than new. He actually made a number of tools to reproduce parts of the shell, arches and sills!
  6. Can anyone help with these parts as my mint MK4 1.8T with only 21k miles has been Cat C'd just prior to Xmas due to being driven in to! :evil:   Based in Warwickshire and have cash waiting for the right parts.
  7. Cheers Jonk, That's spot on. I can get Northfield made to look the same then!. :)
  8. Can anybody help me?  My Rallye was supplied new by Northfield Volkwagen, Tetbury, Gloucestershire and I'm after getting some OEM dealer Registration plates made up as would have originally been supplied with the car new.  I have no original number plates as a reference, not even a letter head for the dealer details.  Does anyone have a number plate or details of the dealer address or what the graphics would look like? as I'd like to get DMB Graphics to do me some.
  9. AHA Steve!! Look forward to seeing you there when its back together!
  10. Jonk, Did I meet you at GTI International 2013? Did you have a stand in the autojumble?