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the brit

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  • Interests Owner of Orchid Euro, Moderator on VWVortex, owner of a few cars.

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  1. the brit

    Sebring Splits

      Thanks, me too! The build is taking it's time as the Rallye won't be coming out to play until the weather improves and I have some more time to work on it.   The wheels are going up to 17", due the size of the faces and the way I want them to sit. I'm going to start with 17x8" all round, and possibly try 9" on the rear although we all know the discussions about Syncros and staggered wheels/tires. It's not really possible to make them any smaller - the standard 15" split wheel uses a roughly 13" centre.   Due to the structure on the Sebrings, there's going to be extra machining and reinforcing work done on them too - maybe not strictly necessary to make everything bolt-up-able, but reassuring bringing them in line with other manufacturers specs. In the meantime, I've got to stop forgetting to look for some centre caps for them!
  2. the brit

    Rallye Project

    God damn some of your machines pieces are awesome executed. Loving the small details.
  3. the brit

    Sebring Splits

    I've been working on my set since before I was at MIVW this summer where the set on the Passat were. Oh well.  :whistling:  Here's a photo of one of the faces:  
  4. the brit

    16vG60 Scripted Intake

    Just want to say how sweet it looks with the G-lader shape on it.. great idea and implementation! 
  5. the brit

    WANTED G60 front arches

    VW Heritage has them. 
  6. the brit

    Players @ Goodwood

    Good to meet you guys and to have the chance to hangout for a few minutes  :)
  7. the brit

    Players @ Goodwood

    I just confirmed that I'll be setting up a booth at the show, and also completed the purchase of my Rallye today too. Not sure if I'll bring it out to the show (not Tax'd/Insured), but I'll be there and will try to say hello to anyone that's about. 
  8. the brit


    Deposit sent  :D