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  1. looks like I might be the guinea  pig for this little project I can see bell housing, mounting, gear shifter and driveshafts all needing attention and can I really be arsed not sure depends on the price etc could do with an old engine for trial purposes but it might become a next winter project;)
  2. Evening all I fancy a 6 speed box for my G60 rado and wondered if anyone has fitted a 02M 6Speed Gearbox - 2001 180bhp Seat Leon? and is it easy or diffibult?  
  3. thanks Manny job done you have also earnt a free bump on the tensioner tool thread on the rado forum too
  4. Hi Manny its sounds like we have settled on £20 then ? and then were all winners obviously gifted to you I still have you details from last time :whistling:
  5. Hi Nino I could be in the market for the tensioner as valekk is after the arm at is nearly time to use the tensioner tool!! How much are you after? I see your after an offer how about a cheeky £15 thanks Dan
  6. got mine too looks great cant wait to do my cambelt now :clap:
  7. top work Hamish very impressive build its going to be fab!
  8. Evening slateford glad you like her this is my gearknob before i polished it up  [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/NOTHELLE/g60nothelle006_zps5834975d.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/19313allpics462_zps57b45dca.jpg.html][/URL]   made a few improvements now   [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/nothelleheadlights008_zpsc1bf3b5c.jpg.html][/URL]     [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/017_zpsa7ebb92b.jpg.html][/URL]       [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/494_zpsde97ee73.jpg.html][/URL]       [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/495_zpsc0c66b91.jpg.html][/URL]       [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/500_zpsff468f17.jpg.html][/URL]         [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/499_zps935b3387.jpg.html][/URL]       [URL=http://s214.photobucket.com/user/wbx6dan/media/corrado/497_zps9c97bb7d.jpg.html][/URL]
  9. Evening all though it was about time to put a post up for all as i have been a bit slack been a member for quite some time so here we go i hope you like her                                                                           
  10. Evening all need a dash pod/speedo please for a 91 g60 digital dual screen with white needles please mine packed up! thanks Dan 
  11. my phone number is 07989412471 and would like it for the weekend please if you phone me we might be able to sort it Dan
  12. Evening Hoppum any chance of a picture of the dash? what colour are the needles? can you post tomorrow? Dan
  13. Hi there  i was hoping  for about £30 posted to devon ? especially if you throw in the 4 plastic large headed screws/bolts that hold in the rear quarter panels at the bottom? I would need to see a picture check partnumbers etc  thanks Dan
  14. Evening how much for the dash and indicator switch please?