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  1. There's a slight leak and the big end bearing. IF oil is at full or slightly over it leaks slightly but as it goes to middle/low it pretty much stops completely. Slightly brittle but runs sweet. There's some stuff that can go to the bottom and give it a bit more maluabilty but didn't try it.. It's a 25 years old seal so you know..
  2. Thanks oak I think so too. Nothing worse than someone selling something and being vague about stuff are trying to rip off the market because they're rare.. I could have made more possibly but it's gone too a good home and in happy. Nice one veedubbin. Great motor
  3. Do you think so? I think it's fair. If Wayne's is worth 12 I think that's about right. Had the best time owning it and met some cool people along the way and didn't loose anything. Just glad it's gone too a good home 😄 Look forward to catching up with everyone soon
  4. Morning all,   Been in 2 minds about selling my pride and joy after 2 and a bit years of love and thinking i'd keep it for the rest of my life. I'll save you the sob story but need to buy a house and it's a lot of cash tied up and the house I buy more than likely won't have a garage.. Here's a break down of the details:   - Standard Pearl Blue colour re-sprayed around 4 years ago in mint condition apart from some minor bit's i'll mention later. Fully machine polished last year to high standard. - Original engine and drivetrain with 110k miles, never re-built or F'ed about with, just serviced and looked after, runs like a dream and never skips a beat - 68mm pulley, chip, S4 Jabba charger (re-built around 20k ago), Jabba cone filter and Paper spare, custom stainless exhaust with lifetime guarantee. Around 200bhp although claimed to be higher this is a conservative figure - AP coilovers - Just had full service and all oils changed in gearbox, transfer box and rear diff - Brand new genuine gear linkage so super smooth and solid change - Happich pop out rear windows, Single wiper currently but both can be easily reversed - CAT1 alarm and Immobiliser - Genuine lights all around and fogs apart from Indicators - Interior is standard Rallye dash in perfect condition, Rallye door cards in good condition, Front seats are Recaro speed seats in mint condition, rear black bench in not so great condition, carpets are mint, rear headrest, perfect headlining best i've seen. - very very good original condition underneath, Had been garaged it's whole life in Italy until 1999 and same in UK since.  - Most solid and straight Rallye i've been in, all the way upto 135mph straight as a die - Currently on Schmidt modern Line Splits 16 x 8.5J and 16 x 9J with Hankook 215/35 tyres.. Needless to say it's on rails!     Bad points/niggles:   - Slight cracking on front arches could do with a touch up after the arches were rolled, 1 patch of rust on the rear tailgate join near the badge, front bumper has some scuffs and chipped paint on the splitter. - Front drivers window needs new rubber/metal fitting to the glass so it's gripped properly. you can still use it but not ideal. Passenger electric switch has stopped working. I know the mechanism and electrics are fine as it only stopped working recently. - ABS light flicks on occasionally but it all works fine. Had new sensors and maybe controller when I bought it and never caused and problems so just left it.   When i sell it I want it to be as quick and hassle free as possible. Agree final price and bank transfer cleared funds before collection. Please no comments about what your mate payed for one or that it's worth nothing as it doesn't have Rallye recaro's etc.... It's stunning car for it's age and had all the money thrown at it getting it running sweet so hassle free ownership/enjoyment for next owner. Also the non standard mods are all reversable.   Price wise i'm thinking £9500 on Modern Line splits or £8700 bring your own wheels OVNO. We all know these are appreciating classics and owes me this much so I don't think i'm taking the piss. Already had an offer not far off this so I think it's fair pricewise.   Cheers guys, check my instagram - punk_in_drublik - heres some pics:    [/URL]">http://[URL=http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/BigColz/media/rallye4_zps6dpooggs.jpg.html][/URL]   [/URL]">http://[URL=http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/BigColz/media/rallye3_zpsey26usym.jpg.html][/URL]   [/URL]">http://[URL=http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/BigColz/media/rallye1_zpsent6cab7.jpg.html][/URL]   [/URL]">http://[URL=http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/BigColz/media/IMG_33801_zps2b1a1670.jpg.html][/URL]     [/URL]">http://[URL=http://s1298.photobucket.com/user/BigColz/media/rallye5_zps6du6rsdn.jpg.html][/URL]            
  5. It's cost me over £9k over the last 2 years so around that with the Modern Line splits. If it goes it will have to be a quick hassle free sale. Going to kill me to see it go :/
  6. I may sell mine for the right price. Mine is complete and runs perfect. With the price of spare parts being so high i'd recommend starting with a complete car. How much are you looking to spend?
  7. Could someone let me know the part no for Rallye track rod ends.. Weren't sure if they were the same as normal Mk2 gti ones or not..   Cheers guys
  8. This is the Vortex centre console blank I made for Wallye. If anyone wants one it won't be much..
  9. Haha we only use Pre preg carbon.. Which you have to cure in a autoclave as it catalyses at a higher temperature and needs the pressure for the resin to bleed evenly. Because of the pressure you need a decent mold.. We use off cuts etc to keep cost down, the finished things look shit hot. I'm not fucking about with wet lay and wrapping stuff. It's messy, weak and looks like shit. Finished drawing the Grille badge this week. Anyone interested?
  10. BigColz


    Yeah like I said I could make the casings if I had the CAD files, and buy all the shafts bearings off them. But I don't so I'm not.. I'm not taking anything away from the engineering they've done. 2.5k is not a lot for that if they are only selling small numbers. They're certainly not making a big profit. If they started knocking out 100's then price could come down. Maybe they'd do a discount for a group buy if there was serious interest
  11. BigColz


    Nice one slateford. Wish I could get hold of some IGES (CAD) files I could knock these out piece of piss when we're quiet in Summer.. Could have a crack at reverse engineering it.. What did you say they were? 2.5-3k? Both casings and centre?
  12. BigColz


    Technically yes because the charger will produce boost from Tickover.. Valvers like higher revs so would Prob bog down on lower revs anyway. I may be wrong. G would definitely be smoother on getting the power down. 16vt may have boost>wheelspin issues.. LSD will make either engine a million times better to drive
  13. OK so the Grille idea has gone out the window as after showing the laminators they pretty much told me it would be such a nightmare there's no way I could make it without it costing a fortune and prob come out shit..   On the plus side i'm going to make a Ally mold for the grille badge. I will design it with the tags intact with some rubber material we use for F1 wing components between carbon plys so the tags will flex and fit in the grille exactly the same as an OEM one. After the initial few i'll be able to blag they'll prob want me to charge it through the company (if there is demand).. Can't see them being able to make them for under £100 each. Just a cure would be £60 plus material and labour we'd charge £250+ too a customer.. Would anyone be interested at that price (£100) or is that too much? I'll get some pics up when it's done anyway. Also going to work on making a SWG style twin pipe with U Bend all in one.   Any feedback would be great.   Cheers