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  1. Is the glass still available? Cheers.
  2. PM’d cheers.
  3. As in the title guys G60 centre console wanted with the electric window switches. Cheers.
  4. Hello mate, would you take £100 for it? Cheers
  5. Yeah that's what I'm after.should clean up OK. What you after for it? Thanks.
  6. Not able to see the post but are the roof gutters still available? Any contact details? Cheers
  7. Hello guys, it's the plastic black cover that sits on top. Usually has the warning sticker on it. Thanks.
  8. As mention in the title guys need a radiator shield ASAP. Please let me know what you got. Cheers.
  9. Offer for the parcel shelf is still there. Cheers.
  10. He cheers mate but I've mangled to find one! cheers
  11. Still for sale/breaking? Cheers
  12. Hello mate would you sell parcel shelf on its own? Cheers
  13. Hello mate would you consider 17inch compomotives in Px and money on top? If you want to see the wheels I've got an ad on here as well. Cheers.