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  1. nas

    16v jenvey itbs

    That's what's in the kit buddy Sorry for the late reply
  2. nas

    corrado g60

    Bump Nobody doing g60 conversion these days
  3. HI people I have 2 pairs of 16v 45mm direct to head jenvey itbs for sale comes with fuel rail trumpets throttle linkages looking to get £300 a pair also i have a 16v solid lifter big valve head conversion with solid 288 cams also with a vernier pully £1000 and a brand new megasquirt ecu and loom £350 brand new 16vg60 bahn Brenner conversion £1150 and very rare twm 48mm direct to head 20v itbs comes with 8 injectors throttle linkages trumpets custom wiring loom £ 1000 custom high comp 12.1 83.5mm forged je pistons for sale £ 500 custom light weight ina engineering forged rods to match pistons £450 and finally 95.5mm crank to match pistons and rod £150 I'm open to offers on the above guys located near brighton 07746464331 Nas
  4. nas

    corrado g60

    HI guys I have a corrado g60 on j plate for sale bought complete car for engine conversion for my mk1 golf change of plans I've fitted a audi s3 cdl supercharged engine anyway the corrado I'm the 4th owner it's all original silver have every mot from new loads of paper work the engine standard starts on the button charger is excellent so is engine interior not that good passenger side window not working sunroof is temperamental previous owner had 2 brand new head lamps fitted so you can see where your going both sills have been repaired with little patches drivers side wing is shot has a brand new exhaust it has the original bbs alloys spoiler works looking to get what I paid for it £1250 can't seem to load pics anymore located brighton 07746464331 please contact after 6 as working thanks Nas
  5. nas

    Cromalux glass

    What's your price ?
  6. I have a brand new set off Cromalux glass for sale both rear qtrs and rear tailgate these are genuine vw looking to get £750 Pair of rallye head lamps mint with rubber boots on back no scratches clips all there £900 One rallye wing drivers side graphite grey slight rust started on the edge of wing £450 Can't get picks up yet Contact 07746464331
  7. nas

    RMR 16v intke

    BTT     No body building 16vt's no more
  8. nas

    Golf Rallye RS3 Project

    Nice job that mike Just need you to pop down on sunday and grab rest of your stuff   Nas
  9. nas

    RMR 16v intke

        Depends what parts you have for a mk1? I'm using one of these on my 16vt this was a spare one   Nas
  10. Hi people   I'm selling my 16v RMR intake manifold Brand new never used   £450 Located Brighton   Nas
  11. nas

    ABS delete

    Hello people   Need some advice on getting rid of the abs system Iv'e read that i need a non abs firewall bracket and matching pedal box? Is there anything else i need to get or do? Or will it be easier to just go and get a tilton set up?   Thanks      Nas