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  1. The car is back up for sale and priced at £23500. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C911292 I have done some work in the engine bay to give it the stock look. The rocker cover and inlet manifold have been blasted. I have also also reinstated the cam covers and G60 airbox. Thanks, Mike.
  2. Hi my golf rallye is now up for sale. The full advert is on http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C878118 The price is £27000 but I am open to offers. The location is Radcliffe/Bolton area of manchester. Here are some pictures of her, if you need more info ring or text on 07742944415, Mike.
  3. Not updated for while. The is running like a dream now and all done. I fitted this (Fächerkrümmer Syncro 4x4 VW Golf 2 u 3 G60 G 60 1.8 2.0 8V Edelstahl 1,8 2,0) stainless steel manifold this week from eBay. Ordered on the Monday and arrived fitted Thursday so fast delivery from Germany. On ebay they were priced at £131 or best offer, I got mine for £111 and 15 post. I did plan to graft the top part on to my own down pipe as I expected it to be a load of 5h1t for the money but how wrong I was. The quality is very good, its nice and heavy but half the weight of the original set up. All the welds are smooth and all the flanges are flat and in line. The only issue I could see is the 02 sensor mount is pointing up and not 45 degrees to the left so the sensor hits the prop and you have to get a 90 or 45 degree converter for about £10. I wrapped mine in titanium heat wrap and fitted it with no problems. It all lines up perfectly and clears everything it's ment too even with the wrap on it. I also fitted a vibratechnics road mount to the rear to match the front as my hydro mount was shot. Iv heard mixed reviews on the rear mounts but I want this manifold to last so it was a must. We started it up and instantly the car is much quieter on tick over and full chat also the engine runs cooler and the whole engine bay is cooler. Power wise there is more torque though the revs and the car pulls much better. The vibratechnics mount has changed the car too, it's instant power and no engine slop when you set off. There is a tiny bit of vibration through the car at tick over but nothing shakes, I kind of like it, you can feel the engine reving. I would recommend the manifold and the mount and for the money you can't go wrong. This manifold (EXHAUST HEADER FOR VW GOLF MK2 MK3 RALLYE SYNCRO 4x4 1.8 2.0 G60 MANIFOLD) is on ebay at the moment for £160 from China. It's the same pics as the one got and came with same parts so also worth looking at to. Mike
  4. The car is back up and running and performing well. I took the front end off and found about 1lt of oil in the intercooler that must off been working it's way round. Oil also got round the exhaust system and it's blowing blue smoke out now. How long should it take to burn off? I gave it a good blast on the motorway after work and it's really fast and smooth I need to get it on the rollers when I'm happy this is all sorted.
  5. I will look at that today too as it would make a lot of sense. I think the culprit is the new oil feed pipe. Iv tried to blow through it and its blocked, not sure if it become blocked after fitting or was like that new. I can't remember checking it before I fitted. I'm taking the sump off this morning and look for crap in the pan. Thanks for the help.
  6. Just spoke to an ex navy engineer that works at my station and he said the first thing to check is the oil filter as it could have build debris in it. This would cause the it oil pressure to be high. Next he said about kinks in oil feed pipes then the oil pump. I'm now thinking some gasket maker has fallen in when I put the charger mount on to the engine, the one with the o ring. I also read recently about opening the return port on the charger with a drill bit to increase flow in to the oil return pipe. Has anybody done this to aleaviate the same symptom I have with my charger on here?
  7. When I built the engine up I connected the oil return in to the blank on the block and it forced the seals out of the displacer. I put the seals back in and put the oil return in the correct hole and everything has been good. The car has been running perfectly. I changed the seals as it not good practice to use the seals again, then all this started. The oil feed and return are both clear you can blow air through them easely. I can also blow through the charger via the oil in and out port but it it feels slow. It always has 10 40 semi oil in it. I have took the inner seal out of the casing and it is a single lipped seal and not double like the others. But its worked for the past couple of months. The circlips aren't blocking the oilways. I'm lost with it. It needs to get sorted soon or its getting replaced with bmw Z3m coupe. Mike
  8. Hi, I'm having a load of trouble with my rebuilt charger at the moment. It keeps leaking lots of oil past the seals and then white smoke out the exhaust. Last week I put new displacer seals in it as I connected the oil return to the blank on the block and it pushed the seals out. This was months ago and I just cleaned them up and replaced them last week as knew they needed doing. The 1st set of seals pooped out an filled the charger. 2nd set popped out. I replaced the already new oil feed line in case it was kinked or wrong and loctited the displacer seals in 2 days ago and put it back together today. Its again filled the charger with oil and white smoke. I took it all apart again and all the seals are where they should be but it's full of oil. The oil lines and ports are clear , I can't understand what it is. The charger performed great before I changed the seals in the displacer. It's like the pressure is to high coming in to the charger. Any ideas or input would be great, Ta Mike
  9. transmission securing parts / front / ASU,AWP,AYO, You need 12, 10 for the oilways 13 is the big seal that that looks filled in with gasket maker in the input flange. Mine had one there but no oil ways. You need to get vagcat it's free, just have a Google. Mike.
  10. I was always told "don't build something you can buy" but if i had to, I would go with replacing the underside and it's been done before so finding help would be alot easier. There is too much that can go wrong with changing the amount of door a car has, if one thing is out of alignment nothing will sit right. The floor is more doable at home. Mike.
  11. Cheers Lou, send me a pm. I will take then if he wants to sell them. Then make up a good set.
  12. Oh tits. Thanks for trying. Price wise, I think I saw some go for £140ish recently or a swop for some rear fk street line coilovers brand new for a rallye. I got a full set today but only needed the fronts as got the same rear shocks off eBay a couple of years ago? There must be somebody thats got a set as no bugger seems to have them fitted!
  13. Are you bloody mad? Your car is worth more than that. It's one of the best looking Rallye's going and about as good as it gets. I personally think you could put 5k on that price.
  14. Great stuff, let me if he want to part with them and how much he needs and I will sort the money for him. Thanks pal.
  15. Hi, I'm after a complete set of golf rallye side trims in good condition. Also what tape have people used to reattach them to the car. Mike.