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  1. ChargerCharger

    Wanted : Mk2 G60 / Converted G60

    Got a genuine g60 now Thanks sold
  2. As above . I'm after a genuine g60 or a converted one . Either is fine , please let me know if you have one with a price and basic spec . Adam
  3. ChargerCharger

    Golf mk2 gti g60 for sale

    Pm u
  4. ChargerCharger

    Looking for a corrado

    My brother has a extremely clean vr6 that may be for sale in next few months . Aqua blue , leather heated recaros from new. Low miles for a vr6 , Bodywork extremely good , refurb speedline wheels. Exhaust , cams. But think he wants offers around 4.2k Based in Sussex
  5. ChargerCharger

    Golf Edition One interior, non G60

    How much posted for both
  6. ChargerCharger

    Golf Edition One interior, non G60

    What have you got left very interested in a few bits
  7. ChargerCharger

    mk2 golf gti g60 for sale

    Pm sent