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  1. Could be an input shaft bearing, when the clutch is pressed the input shaft stops spinning, when it is released the shaft starts turning again with the engine even when the box is in neutral.
  2. The wiring to the injectors on the fuel rail is prone to cracking is what we're getting at :-) very simple circuit so fairly easy to sort if there are any issues with it.
  3. Mk1 clocks are bad for earth problems. Was the car side of thinks working ok with the old engine in?
  4. Does sound like an air or fuel flow issue with it dying off at high rpm, I would defiantly check the fuel pressure, check the air filter too invade it's clogged up, if you have just changed the probe and manifold they would also be areas I would check, can't see a manifold causing a problem but If something has fallen down or got Lodged Dow the exhaust it could be causing a flow issue. Worth checking the vac pipe between the fpr and the manifold too invade it's split.
  5. Firstly, Happy new year to you all. Second, the first meet of 2014 is tomorrow night @ Squires cafe bar in Newthorpe just outside Shurburn-in-elmet. Usual start time of 7pm and as usual if the weather is pants (most likely at this time of year) we will retreat into the cafe for warm food and the usual chit chat. See you tomorrow :-)
  6. All our charger rebuilds go to Matt @ OCD
  7. My 16vG60 mk1 was running a BBM billet bottom pulley with a balanced crank and never had any issues.
  8. Over Christmas and the new year we are offering our exclusive Solid Mass Flywheel Kit for the T5 Transporter 2.5TDI engines for just £595 delivered!!   The kit is rated to handle upto and including 350bhp and 480lb/ft and comes with flywheel bolts, clutch bolts and slave cylinder.   Please e-mail info@dubforce-workshop.co.uk or call 0113 2877619 for more details
  9. The speed of the progress on this build is making me feel sick! Do you even go to work anymore Hamish??
  10. Will need the mounting points for the centre propshaft section welding into the tunnel too. Are you using the syncro or Haldex system?
  11. Sorry there thats me just doing a quick post on my phone, Its at Squires Cafe bar near Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire.
  12. Bob you really do have a serious polish/chrome problem!! how many hours have you spent rubbing one out? prepping parts I mean obviously!!
  13. I've thought about building one of these in Caddy form as a workshop run-arround/advert but never really looked too far ito the conversion. I think I may have to rectify that ;-) what sort of MPG does it return? (sorry for the boring, sensible question)
  14. Really miss my Caddy Sport, it still belongs to a mate and I have 1st reserve on buying it back but I don't know if he will ever sell it. Good to see there is another one out there getting the 16v treatment :-D   Matt
  15. Awesome work there Long, loving the colour scheme, keep the updates coming :-D