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  1. Anyone know where i can buy (G60) bosch red top injectors 0280150945 ?  struggling to hunt some down, i have the chip and pulley for the red tops just need the injectors  cheers.
  2. smiffiy


    Hi all, I'm leaking fuel at the moment (G-60), Im in need of a new O-ring that is on the fuel pressure regulator that seals the the fuel rail anyone know where i can buy a new one ? struggling to hunt one down, thanks 
  3. corrado g60 02a clutch slave wanted !!! or recommended new ones ? also im after 2 front corrado seats near wiltshire area cheers me dears
  4. this also came across my mind does the boost return need to be blanked ?
  5. i have wired a fuel pump relay thats separate to the fuse board, it does no harm but make sure you put a fuse on it or it could damage your pump. if your worries about the injectors not firing, try taking the plugs out and putting a splash of petrol into each chamber then try and start it
  6. in need of a corrado 02a cable change mounting bracket that is side by side like this ... [IMG]http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc390/smiffiy/pic11.jpg[/IMG]
  7. i will have a check tomorrow, thanks for the advice though dude nearly there... after 3 years
  8. yeh its had a new cam belt, tensioner, crank pulley bolt, main crank axle big end bearings etc.. and all the timing has been checked
  9. just tried to start it using easy start spray, sprayed some into the throttle body all that happened is mist/petrol mist started coming out of the filter thats on my idle stabiliser the 12v ecu power for some reason is dropping back down to 10v while cranking, so i put the battery charger (boost start) on .. still nothing and still drops while cranking there is also power to the injectors got a reading of 1v
  10. ok so abit has changed, i now have nice new leads with a strong spark to each spark plug, yippee BUT STILL NOT STARTING !!! the timing has not long been done and the leads are all in the correct order and seem to be pulsing correctly , so i dryed plugs, made sure the engine wasn't flooded, evaporated all the petrol from each of the chambers, put a splash of petrol into each chamber and still nothing i dont get it ......... also there are 2 sensors that haven't been connected up im not sure if this would make a difference not connected is- the oxygen sensor - and th
  11. had a few delays but finally had a sniff about, i have 12v when cranking on the ecu black/ yellow wire i have voltage at the hall sender i just tried putting power streight from the battery to the starter motor solinoid red/black and still didnt fire up sounds like it wants to but no luck AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  12. im currently doing a mk1 g60 and found this helpful ... from [color=#ff0000][u]pin 14[/u][/color] to 87 on relay and that should be factory split which goes to the idle stabiliser then to [color=#ff0000][u]pin 22[/u][/color] [IMG]http://i1209.photobucket.com/albums/cc390/smiffiy/wiringmodified.jpg[/IMG] you got all the other wires sorted out ?
  13. tripple checked the coil wires and there all right, i will have a good sniff with the voltmeter though, mate also has a coil so i will give that a shot, and i found another starter motor in the vw mountain of parts
  14. im pretty sure there is, i did but a voltmeter today so i can check whats going on where looks like im going to be reading the instruction sheet too
  15. haha yeehh man got fuel it seems strange to me but i am no genius when cranking there is no spark but when you stop cranking theres just one spark, sometimes no spark its got me scratching my head thats for sure the battery is fully charged too