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  1. Hello guys After a big dent that is not going to be sorted i am after a front wing, driver side, for my G60, ideally in mint condition but let's hear what you have. thank you
  2. Tim are you selling your car ?? very interested
  3. i have a crack on mine so i am looking for an original one if you have any hint   let me know thanks
  4. how much for the block with pistons ? is it PG code?   thanks
  5. totally agree, glad you are keeping it
  6. i cant believe you selling yours man, very nice car
  7. id be interested to see the answer been thinking about a 6th gear so let's see
  8. Hello Guys   i am looking for an ABS Unit for my G60, mine is leaking tried to look into it but could not do much     :headbang:     thank you
  9. as the german says "Raritat" that's why the badge are so crazy priced. i have a big interest in your car but i will have to check on my side if i can have it (if she does not decide to kill me before driving it :offtopic: ) :lol:  i will get back to you anyway   thanks
  10. still for sale ? or are you keeping it ?